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;;; compat.sicp - some compatibility routines for those learning SICP
(define-module compat.sicp
(use srfi-27)
(export nil runtime true random false get put get-coercion put-coercion
cons-stream user-initial-environment extend))
(select-module compat.sicp)
;; This doesn't make nil as a boolean false, but in SICP nil is exclusively
;; used to denote an empty list, so it's ok.
(define nil '())
;; Exercise 1.22
(define (runtime)
(round->exact (* (expt 10 6)
(time->seconds (current-time)))))
;; Section 1.2
(define true #t)
(define (random n)
(random-integer n))
;; Section 2.3
;; Boolean false
(define false #f)
;; Section 2.4
;; Symbol properties - a naive implementation
(define *properties* (make-hash-table 'eq?))
(define (put op type item)
(hash-table-update! *properties* op (^p (assoc-set! p type item)) '()))
(define (get op type)
(assoc-ref (hash-table-get *properties* op '()) type #f))
;; Section 2.5
(define *coercions* (make-hash-table 'equal?))
(define (put-coercion from to proc)
(hash-table-put! *coercions* (cons from to) proc))
(define (get-coercion from to)
(hash-table-get *coercions* (cons from to) #f))
;; Section 3.5.1
(define-syntax cons-stream
(syntax-rules ()
[(_ a d) (cons a (delay d))]))
;; Section 4.1.5
(define user-initial-environment (interaction-environment))
;; Section 4.4.4
;; 'Extend' is bound to a syntax in Gauche's default environment, which
;; may interfere with extend-if-consistent code; unless the user defines
;; her own extend first, the compiler refers to the Gauche's extend and
;; raises an error. We export a dummy 'extend' binding so that
;; the user won't be confused.
(define extend #f)