Update to "bdwgc" 7.6.0 #224

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New GC library "7.6.0" was released as stable branch.
These patches will be update to there.

This patch set also includes some required back port patch for FreeBSD.

qykth-git and others added some commits Aug 11, 2016
@qykth-git qykth-git Squashed 'gc/' content from commit d8bfa89..8ac1d84
git-subtree-dir: gc
git-subtree-split: 8ac1d84a40eb7a431fec1b8097e3f24b48fb23fa
@qykth-git qykth-git Merge commit '7f00eb0fda0d9cb522e1d731d61c8e24a7904d12' into gc7.6.0-…
@ivmai @qykth-git ivmai bdwgc: Fix 'unknown type name GC_INNER' compilation error (FreeBSD) (…
…fix commit ivmai/bdwgc@f13a955)

See issue ivmai/bdwgc#132.  The reason of compilation failure is GC_INNER macro
used before its definition.  The solution is to move
GC_FreeBSDGetDataStart prototype from gcconfig.h to gc_priv.h.

* include/private/gc_priv.h [DATASTART_USES_BSDGETDATASTART]
(GC_FreeBSDGetDataStart): Declare.
* include/private/gc_priv.h [DATASTART_USES_BSDGETDATASTART]
(DATASTART_IS_FUNC): Define macro.
* include/private/gcconfig.h [DATASTART_USES_BSDGETDATASTART]
(GC_FreeBSDGetDataStart, DATASTART_IS_FUNC): Remove.
@shirok shirok merged commit 1ac52f4 into shirok:master Aug 12, 2016
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