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Update GC library to 7.6.2 #337

merged 4 commits into from Jan 15, 2018


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2 participants
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qykth-git commented Jan 14, 2018

Update bdwgc and libatomic_ops to 7.6.2

qykth-git added some commits Jan 14, 2018

Squashed 'gc/' changes from 8ac1d84a4..72456d094
72456d094 [7.6.2]
5c9a21358 Update ChangeLog file (add gc-7.4.8 release date)
eaa2e9213 Update ChangeLog file (add gc-7.2i release date)
8d7503949 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
47de6eb07 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only) (Cherry-pick commit b15b52be from 'release-7_4' branch.)
a6d7c3560 Appveyor CI: Use v7.6 of libatomic_ops
19daee838 Travis CI: Test with ASan and GCC (Cherry-pick commit 03dafe9c from 'master' branch.)
64b3db63a Eliminate TSan warning about A.dummy in gctest
76bddb607 Avoid 'Unexpected heap growth' fail if compiled by GCC with ASan (gctest)
be968e7a7 Support AddressSanitizer (GCC) (Cherry-pick commit e8e90817 from 'master' branch.)
bf10da5e8 Fix 'unknown attribute no_sanitize' compiler warnings for GCC (Cherry-pick commit bba7234a from 'master' branch.)
ed2cd19ab Place no_sanitize address/memory attributes in a GCC-compliant way (Cherry-pick commit 2914cbff from 'master' branch.)
f1221a469 Eliminate UBSan warning of overflow during descr subtraction in mark_from
3bc6c2532 Adjust AO_HAVE_x check to match AO_fetch_and_add primitive variant used (fix commit 6043293)
c30caafc6 Remove 'ifdef USE_SPIN_LOCK' which is always false in gc_locks.h (fix commit 9a20535)
82d92ff75 Do not enable mprotect-based incremental mode if unmapping is on (gctest) (Cherry-pick commit db26b7e4 from 'master' branch.)
012fc6c87 Eliminate 'value exceeds maximum object size' GCC warning in huge_test
bdb4d40bd Eliminate 'this statement may fall through' GCC warnings
9143c5f59 Fix marking of disclaim-reachable objects in the incremental mode
2a47a4dbb Fix data race in do_local_mark when comparing active_count to helper_count (Cherry-pick commit 66ae55e3 from 'master' branch.)
266c2891e Fix data race in mark_thread when updating mark_no (Cherry-pick commit 613ec90c from 'master' branch.)
34b1cba8a Fix assertion violation about disabled cancel in try_to_collect_inner (Cherry-pick commit 218bfbfa from 'master' branch.)
7f262e4e9 Fix data race in make_descriptor when setting explicit_typing_initialized (fix commit 5f350a0)
406ea1a9d Fix lack of barriers to synchronize memory for suspend_handler
3961ab98d Fix data race in last_stop_count access (suspend_handler_inner) (Cherry-pick commit 11792032 from 'master' branch.)
f69d0445c Fix data race in GC_suspend/resume_thread (Cherry-pick commits ce09fd5, 57b6576 from 'master' branch.)
eb33bda5c Fix data race when getting object size in explicitly-typed allocators
2f1b8e8b7 Fix data race in a list referenced by A.aa (gctest) (Cherry-pick commits 8f5746e, 0f5a88d from 'master' branch.)
4e7927886 Update comment in finalized_disclaim to match FINALIZER_CLOSURE_FLAG (fix commit 012da3f)
dfe96c4d0 Document base and size of objects allocated by finalized_malloc
ffc89ea10 Avoid data race in finalized_count (gctest)
24aa25a38 Fix typo in a function name in README.sgi
3363a2fba Fix typo in 'gcdescr' documentation file (Cherry-pick commit 419f4de9 from 'master' branch.)
aec7f6ee0 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
13ba8b325 Update ChangeLog file (v7.4 changes only)
a2611715c Travis CI: Test NO_CLOCK
38a986307 Refine should_invoke_finalizers documentation
a892d928f Update AUTHORS file (add Erik M. Bray)
be148f414 Use mprotect instead of mmap in GC_unmap() on Cygwin
d2ecda7cd Allow PKG_CHECK_MODULES in to be commented out easily (Cherry-pick commits 3d34335, fbb22e9 from 'master' branch.)
98fce1f80 New API function (GC_is_init_called) to check if BDWGC is initialized (Cherry-pick commit 58c5c05 from 'master' branch.)
9926e824e Test GC initialization from non-main thread on FreeBSD and NetBSD
6406bb8a8 Fix typos in documentation (for extend_size_map and ews4800)
60d8a4153 .gitignore: Do not ignore include/private/config.h
aedee038e Travis CI: Remove NO_CLONE_LIBATOMIC_OPS for multi-threaded OS X builds (fix commit 270a547)
591764ece Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
028248997 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
270a5471b Travis CI: Test also 32-bit build with ASan (on OS X, with unmapping) (Cherry-pick commits 535cf36, 09c981a from 'master' branch.)
eaa5ded5d Travis CI: Test also with Leak Sanitizer (LSan) (Cherry-pick commit 5c8663d from 'master' branch.)
6bd451018 Support GC_init (and get_stack_base) from non-main thread on NetBSD
e0d97ee63 Eliminate TSan warnings for all counters and A.aa variable (gctest)
e0b4dfe3e Eliminate TSan warnings for print_proc variables assignment (gctest)
25b4566df Print realloc_count in gctest
e60b3b8a4 Fix missing atomic_count and realloc_count incrementation in gctest
a2bd3ec4a Move conditional GC_need_to_lock setting to gc_locks.h (code refactoring)
6f57a9df0 Support GC_init (and get_stack_base) from non-main thread on FreeBSD (Cherry-pick commits 49d7fe7, 39ca0b5 from 'master' branch.)
32a54f385 Travis CI: Test USE_CUSTOM_SPECIFIC
12711e108 Travis CI: Test some --enable-munmap configurations with disable incremental collection (Cherry-pick commit 4abb9eb from 'master' branch.)
1d68e088f Do not disable parallel mark for WRAP_MARK_SOME
ddb3b12c7 Align local_mark_stack in help_marker explicitly
6abf16fe2 Eliminate '-pedantic is not option that controls warnings' GCC-6.4 message (Cherry-pick commit e0a3739 from 'master' branch.)
6c78441cd Eliminate 'non-null arg compared to null' warning in toggleref_add (GCC) (fix commit 86991cb)
5bd755892 Eliminate 'boolean result used in bitwise op' cppcheck false warning
862cec213 Eliminate 'memory leak' code defect in remove_specific
14484a669 Eliminate most of collisions in GC_threads on Linux/x64 (Cherry-pick commits 85fce54, e897b41 from 'master' branch.)
268ea3da5 Change type of THREAD_TABLE_INDEX result to int in win32_threads.c (code refactoring)
8ee151139 Fix data race in collectable_count (gctest) (Cherry-pick commit c2ded73 from 'master' branch.)
9c792cd89 Fix missing [un]collectable_count increments in gctest
2e1fe9da3 Fix missing started_thread_while_stopped call from mark_some if GCC/Clang
0e956d25a Fix get_maps on proc maps file asynchronous growth
10a63b46b Fix infinite mark_some calls after memory mapping disappeared (Glibc)
317a07a07 Fix SIGSEGV in mark_from called from do_local_mark if WRAP_MARK_SOME (Cherry-pick commits f4d690e, b874d02 from 'master' branch.)
1a66c2fd0 Remove unnecessary type casts of printf arguments to unsigned long (code refactoring)
8d6c2f196 Fix pthread_detach for threads not yet registered (Cygwin, winpthreads)
c13112757 Fix pthread_join when thread is registered in thread key destructor
43d165d10 Fix removal of dead threads in a child process
29269f18c Fix pthread_join to avoid thread removal on failure (Cygwin, winpthreads)
cfa8bb925 Fix double lock in pthread_detach (Cygwin, winpthreads)
7574e33a0 Fix thread id leaks in subthread_create and threadkey_test
d7f7b3ea3 Fix missing new-line at format strings end in subthread_create test
113106af4 Fix USE_GET_STACKBASE_FOR_MAIN definition in gcconfig.h
13edbba9c Fix typo in 'scale' documentation file (Cherry-pick commit c875884 from 'master' branch.)
10754054e Fix printf arguments type in print_callers
cc6d375c1 Fix assertion violation in return_single_freelist in child process
3d85c61f8 Fix GC_remove_specific invocation from remove_all_threads_but_me (fix commits fcfae7f, 38e65ea)
9b7ef4d25 Fix deadlock in GC_help_marker caused by use of mark_cv of parent process
46d2a44df Avoid busy waiting in mark_thread while GC_parallel is false
33a00c290 Eliminate unsigned fl_builder_count underflow in mark_thread (refactor commit 0ca6d3f)
61ef5aab3 Add assertion that no hb_n_marks underflow occurs
736ab397c Fix hb_n_marks underflow in clear_fl_marks if MARK_BIT_PER_OBJ
a6ff7ec6d Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
57ae1a5b7 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
6a89654d6 Fix visibility of __asan_default_options in case of shared library (fix commit ce75cf1)
4eb02c7f1 Eliminate '-pedantic is not an option that controls warnings' GCC message (fix commit b43d928)
53298ada5 Allow gctest and thread_leak_test with zero NTHREADS
204c690e2 Fix array_mark_proc to request global mark stack growth on overflow (fix commit 3f06655)
6edef245a Travis CI: Test configure --disable-docs (Cherry-pick commit 021188c from 'master' branch.)
5975f0ecd Travis CI: Workaround 'real_malloc is never called' cppcheck warning (Cherry-pick commit 64e8fe5 from 'master' branch.)
3ebf3d0dc Fix leak_test crash in print_callers if free() is redirected
aba2fcec5 Do not install documentation if configure --disable-docs (new option) (Cherry-pick commit e2e1ba7 from 'master' branch.)
bc863bbf0 Refine collect_a_little documentation (better explain when 0 is returned)
f8b98a34a Workaround false 'uninitialized var use' code defect (initsecondarythread)
c02364b8e Eliminate CSA warning of non-virtual destructor in test_cpp base class
2247678c1 Eliminate CSA warning about incorrect cast applied to HBLK_OBJS
bbfa34e89 Eliminate CSA warning about narrowing cast in CleanUp of test_cpp
de74ec1dd Eliminate CSA warning of staticroot that can be a local variable (tests)
99b13936e Eliminate CSA warning of unmodified non-const static var (disclaim_test) (fix commit 7b0be48)
7643e1ac7 Do not use tkill (Android)
d50d04d99 Replace deprecated rewind to fseek in cordxtra
59110feb7 Fix undefined HEAP_START in register_dynamic_libraries
ffe503131 Fix bytes count passed to add_to_our_memory in backgraph new_back_edges (fix commit 180b56c)
24f22cebb Fix GC_incremental declaration/definition type mismatch
f7d2ccc1c Specify that unused select() result is intentional (fix commit 62097c3)
e5fc6686d Fix SIGSEGV in GC_is_marked when gc_cleanup is used in leak-finding mode
de676ee58 Fix deadlock in GC_suspend_thread when thread is rebuilding free list (fix commits 62097c3, 59e2bcf)
909db03bb Fix atomic_ops build in for Solaris
d4ff35aed Travis CI: enable builds for release-7_6 branch (Back-port .travis.yml from 'master' branch.)
774a05a1e Fix push_complex_descriptor to avoid unlimited global mark stack growth
a4721b4a2 Fix deadlock in GC_suspend_thread when thread is finished (fix commits 62097c3, 59e2bcf)
0123ff616 .gitignore: Ignore .log  and .trs files for test_atomic_ops
95330fa0b Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
4e2cde4da Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
457297d8d Fix gctest crash if configure --enable-handle-fork on Darwin (Cherry-pick commits 6bfc840, b9ecb3a from 'master' branch.)
f10326400 Do not produce .tar.bz2 distribution file (configure)
3cff26cb3 Add minimal testing of GC_set_bit (gctest)
b7a03d887 Better document minimum value of size argument for typed allocations
128cf0b0c Make GC_INIT optional for clients even if thread-local allocations enabled
910209745 Ensure GC initialized when atfork_prepare is called by client
c57860882 Fix compilation error in get_main_stack_base (Emscripten)
a706784e9 Prevent abort in register_data_segments for Symbian and Emscripten
141cf0104 Fix configure --disable-munmap handling (Cherry-pick commit cb66553 from 'master' branch.)
65629822c Fix gctest failure if PARALLEL_MARK (musl)
1e3ae585e Update AUTHORS file (add Hamayama)
e9517f123 Fix typed_test to prevent fails in malloc_explicitly_typed (64-bit)
ddde4e5ef Fix null dereference in reclaim_block if DONT_ADD_BYTE_AT_END
a820a3185 Fix ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS name in comments and documentation
be502eeca Consistently use 'msec' instead of 'ms' in comments in pthread_support
0b5800c22 Update bdwgc mailing list online archive link in documentation
50c3eac75 Update GCJ link in documentation
68343b0c5 Document GWW_VDB in gcdescr.html
e91903e62 Update Download information in GC overview document
fc58db43e .gitignore: Ignore test_atomic_ops
3300086e7 Fix pthread_start compilation if single-obj-compilation (Linux) (Cherry-pick commits 8240ed0, b45d96b from 'master' branch.)
4d7befe6f Fix PCR-Makefile by removing compilation of a missing file
827014a35 Eliminate 'unused variable' compiler warning in remove_all_threads_but_me (fix commit 0fc61f2)
522ce3919 Remove extraneous semicolons after AC_MSG_WARN (configure) (Cherry-pick commit e86915e from 'master' branch.)
26988fff5 Fix broken external links in documentation
1b632a276 Update documentation about bugs reporting and new releases notification (Cherry-pick commits e3456e4, 61fd9da from 'master' branch.)
46cc7a45d Update several email addresses in AUTHORS file
a5b4a7240 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
eefa6c7dc Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
401cbf852 Fix external libatomic_ops pkg-config-based detection
7681301cf Do not require libatomic_ops for single-threaded builds (configure)
a3c0ac740 Improve detection of internal libatomic_ops (configure)
a8644eb21 Update AUTHORS file (add Bernd Kuhls)
03922f3fb Fix 'missing libc-version.h' build error (uClibc/x86[_64]) (fix commit 3d34255)
d54629a12 Fix typo in configure help message
d9b071b24 Eliminate 'conditional expression is always true' code defect in GC_init
bcf1828bd Workaround 'int shift by negative amount' false code defect in finalize (Cherry-pick commits d46fbe0, 59e156e from 'master' branch.)
75f57d4a7 Workaround 'comparison of identical expressions' false code defects
fbc0be170 Workaround 'array compared to 0', 'untrusted loop bound' false defects (Cherry-pick commit 36038e1 from 'master' branch.)
a38688ff8 Workaround 'waiting while holding lock' code defect in stop_world (Unix)
c3573fffc Compile thread_local_alloc only if multi-threaded build (
19dea35b9 Eliminate 'possible loss of data' MS VC warning in disclaim_and_reclaim
1060ec9d0 Eliminate 'possible loss of data' compiler warnings in cord (MS VC)
f973a6c37 Eliminate 'incompatible function pointer' warning in mark_some (MinGW/x86)
469f6b3ed Eliminate 'unused formal parameter' compiler warnings in C++ code (MS VC) (Cherry-pick commit 442bcbf from 'master' branch.)
938488c95 Eliminate 'locally defined symbol imported' MS linker warnings (cord)
f27f72799 Suppress MS VC warnings about unused param, const condition (NT_MAKEFILE)
a09e82ad7 Prevent multiple 'Caught ACCESS_VIOLATION in marker' per collection
d69820ea4 Move README.QUICK from DOC_FILES to OTHER_FILES in (code refactoring)
81f90b544 Remove all generated files by NT_X64_THREADS_MAKEFILE 'clean' target
45078b35e Remove unused ALIGN_DOUBLE macro (TILE-Gx/Pro) (fix commits e35a417, 1240658)
8f1550941 Remove unused USE_GENERIC_PUSH_REGS macro definition (TILE-Gx/Pro) (fix commit 1240658)
682cce892 Use same style of include gc.h in documentation
2217cd045 Remove non-existent configure option in simple_example.html
9ae27f50f Refine comment about multi-threaded GC build
2e7f1168a .gitignore: Ignore cord/tests/de_win.rbj
f6380f9d6 .gitignore: Ignore auto-generated test_cpp.cpp
2e14577bb Expand tabs to spaces in de_win.rc (tests)
1ee2a83bb Fix various typos in doc/README and .html files (Cherry-pick commit 6afeb18 from 'master' branch.)
cbcae13f3 Fix unpaired quote symbol in README.Mac
62fa9340a Fix typo in README.hp
8e5c30c5c Fix typos in README.DGUX386
e0c722ad9 Fix 'doc' files installation folder
ee0a0cc29 Fix OSF1 host pattern in CMakeLists.txt
c00c439de Fix missing win32_threads.c compilation for Cygwin (CMake)
abe22f821 Fix AO_SRC_DIR target name in NT_*_MAKEFILE
197652db0 Fix a typo in comment in NT_MAKEFILE
65ababba5 Update AUTHORS file (add Ryan Gonzalez)
529ad1998 Fix crash in FirstDLOpenedLinkMap if app linked statically (Alpine Linux)
ade9e0153 Eliminate 'signed/unsigned mismatch' compiler warning in gctest (MS VC) (fix commit 014d92d)
0cd4c0db8 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
37a15498d Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
cf5aa64a1 ChangeLog: remove trailing dots (Cherry-pick commit 1784ac2 from 'master' branch.)
b0d255ae2 New target (check-cpp) to avoid parallel build issue (Cherry-pick commit 4dfe88e from 'master' branch.)
5287de9be Support CFLAGS_EXTRA when checking for inline and dladdr (configure) (fix commits 0e175f3, 5dedb24)
aa3fdf040 Rename 'test' to 'check' target in (Cherry-pick commit 4fad4e5 from 'master' branch.)
e8c5032dd Update shared libraries version info to differentiate against v7.4
709a3a98c Fix GC shared library tests failure (musl)
634bec8d6 Update AUTHORS file
f2380f7ea configure: match uclinux pattern
153864547 Use AC_DEFINE for defining NO_GETCONTEXT in configure (code refactoring of commit 7c13fb8)
e7a14d052 Update AUTHORS file
0687a0079 add check for NO_GETCONTEXT definition
796abd0a1 Allow HAVE_DL_ITERATE_PHDR to be defined by client (musl)
36cb46c41 Refine configure messages when checking for compiler option support
9afbc0c63 Workaround 'WinMain() is never used' cppcheck false warning (de_win)
b2a12b9b9 Workaround '32-bit value shift by >31 bits is undefined' cppcheck warnings
0b8fa9611 Workaround 'memory leak: result' cppcheck false error (POSIX)
71941fa82 Eliminate 'non-reentrant function strtok called' cppcheck warning (POSIX)
815cf9609 Workaround 'obsolescent usleep called' cppcheck warning (POSIX)
18c46ed2d Workaround 'obsolescent bcopy, bzero called' cppcheck warnings (POSIX)
025754189 Eliminate 'scope of variable can be reduced' cppcheck warnings (Win32)
0023eb5b6 Eliminate 'condition ret==NULL always true' cppcheck style warning (Amiga)
7e6f56e8a Eliminate 'checking unsigned variable < 0' cppcheck warning in gc_inline
c6bbfcada Eliminate 'label not used' cppcheck false warnings in GC_mark_X (code refactoring of PUSH_CONTENTS[_HDR] to eliminate 'goto' statement)
c69ae9c24 Eliminate 'ISO C forbids object to function pointer conversion' warning
2b2956611 Eliminate 'type defaults to int in declaration' warning (REDIRECT_MALLOC)
508bd5288 Fix cord/de build in (Linux) (Cherry-pick commit ded6139 from 'master' branch.)
04478923d Fix test_cpp and c++ parallel build in (Cherry-pick commit 41db6f8 from 'master' branch.)
65b202934 Run test_cpp only if requested (
62c6857d9 Fix parallel build in
3335246f7 Fix missing .exe for disclaim test filenames in Makefile (MinGW) (fix commit 6c1a924)
e6a9195fa Fix gc.h compliance to strict ANSI (pthreads) (Cherry-pick commits 1554297, 0970110 from 'master' branch.)
90efcc877 Fix mixed include of GC public header and gc_priv.h in disclaim bench/test
fe1346f57 Fix finalize.c compilation in 'strict ANSI' mode
da45bca09 Fix static assertion violation in LONG_MULT for 64-bit targets
591b15d07 Fix tools/setjmp_t hang (OS X)
6ec187518 Fix gctest thread stack overflow (musl-gcc) (Cherry-pick commits 3bfeb8a, 21b68ca from 'master' branch.)
bbe69aed3 Fix gctest failure for Darwin if CPPCHECK is defined (fix commits c5d4ef9, 857bb8a)
f40fab825 Fix GC_SIZE_MAX definition (Linux/musl-gcc)
65af16e4d Fix 'ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations/code' compiler warning (gc_pmark)
cee16b22e Update AUTHORS file
4566c5699 Fix 'size of tv is unknown' error in brief_async_signal_safe_sleep (musl) (fix commits 62097c3, 9f48082)
8a1463555 Move libraries version info to the beginning of (code refactoring)
7b93ee517 Update AUTHORS file
bd12f2c01 Fix typo in comment at GC_setup_temporary_fault_handler declaration
1120ae4f6 Fix name typos in GC_FAST_MALLOC_GRANS comment
391c41be7 Fix typo in GC_AMIGA_GC documentation in README
63e8feff8 Update AUTHORS file
cfbf1ffd8 Fix various typos in comments and printed messages
006a9f116 Fix typo in comment
607403321 .gitignore: Ignore gctest_* and lib* produced by
20acae7fc .gitignore: Ignore bsd-libgc.a, bsd-libleak.a
01b5d7f32 .gitignore: Ignore *.sancov (generated by ASan)
cec8655c9 Workaround '!GC_page_size is always false' cppcheck style warning
da3d957cf Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
725f89793 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
d66bd5812 Fix enable_parallel_mark condition in CMake script
44d1b9804 Appveyor CI: build/test with GCJ support (Cherry-pick commit ad57086 from 'master' branch.)
c036630e8 Execute more single-threaded GC tests by CMake (Cherry-pick commits 495b4fe, 686c871 from 'master' branch.)
5ba7f7904 Add minimal testing of GC_MALLOC_[ATOMIC_]WORDS and GC_CONS (gctest)
d26ba51c1 Test GCJ object creation with length-based descriptor (gctest)
39e76b741 Remove page_was_dirty and remove_protection duplicate definitions
32c7ef6a3 Add configure --enable-gcov option (enable code coverage analysis)
dea70e3fb Support CFLAGS_EXTRA to pass extra user-defined compiler flags (configure)
691bc4fd9 Eliminate 'GC_collecting is set but never used' code defect (Win32)
0b95d36c0 Workaround 'condition is always true' cppcheck style warnings in GC_init
60275ef17 Eliminate 'array vs singleton' code defect in typed_test (gctest)
7dd88d301 Eliminate 'memory leak' code defect for scratch-allocated memory
90f38c4c9 Workaround 'resource leak' false positives in alloc_MS, bl/envfile_init
8d56af653 Workaround 'bad address arithmetic' static analysis tool false positive
739e5e58c Workaround 'checking unsigned value is negative' code defect in mark_from
fb234c026 Workaround 'null pointer dereference' false positive in push_next_marked
ff84a50bd Eliminate 'integer shift by a negative amount' code defect in finalize
8956311b3 Eliminate 'use of vulnerable sprintf' code defect in de_win test (cord)
0fd3b137d Workaround 'potential multiplication overflow' code defect in de_win (cord)
bcd444af9 Workaround 'pointer used before comparison to null' code defect (pthread) (fix commit 31b3afc)
03464abe0 Fix '32-bit value shift followed by expansion to 64-bit' code defect
eaf1e8143 Fix 'GC_written_pages never read' code defect (GWW_VDB)
14669e1a4 Workaround 'index out of bounds' UBSan false warning in push_marked
b12519ec9 Update README regarding make cords with
9b85f6167 Fix MS VC warning about compiling unused checksums and thread_local_alloc
119da90ba Fix 'zero-size array is extension' Clang warning in os_dep (Linux/x86)
7fc70d038 Fix 'execvp argument incompatible pointer type' compiler warning (tools)
473c0286d Fix (adjust) GC_scratch_alloc actual argument type
697e3f70c Fix 'context local variable might be clobbered by setjmp' compiler warning
1359c381c Fix gc_allocator.h file name in new_gc_alloc.h comment
d4eb7caad Fix gc_backptr.h, gc_mark.h, GC_DS_TAGS names in documentation
8eeee3fcd Put invariant name in quotes to make mark_state comments clearer
29d5a7e6f Fix GCJ support in CMake build script
e8c1d8ea5 Fix lack of 2 trailing zeros in _MSC_VER numbers
e2c76a5c2 Fix GC_noop6 definition to avoid its calls to be optimized away (fix commits e3ec4a5, 1586a21)
0ef470ff1 windows-untested: Fix paths to gc_version.h
7cd1e90ad Fix recursive invocation
6c8812662 Fix bm_huge initialization for 64-bit targets (gctest)
b16395340 Fix storage class of local variable in register_dynamic_libraries (Irix)
8bb919baf Disable implicit multi-threaded mode for Win32 to avoid LOCK crash (fix commit d5c6531)
cebc69ea9 Fix compilation for winpthreads if HANDLE_FORK
54b0393b7 Fix GC_mark_stack_top assertion violation properly in mark_local (fix commit a563b883)
d78b452df Fix assertion in GC_steal_mark_stack for non-heap regions (similar to commit da2fcda)
ed19165ed Fix gc_cleanup destructor for non-heap objects (gc_cpp)
186617cd0 Fix '~' operator application to unsigned values shorter than word
9fcf315df Fix 'bogus LR' detection in FindTopOfStack (Darwin) (fix commit 5742f86)
0f448741d Fix message of VDB implementation used if MPROTECT_VDB+GWW_VDB (gctest)
c927774c0 Fix potential data race in GC_SysVGetDataStart (SPARC)
44d73c202 Revert "Skip GC_DS_PER_OBJECT objs with negative descriptor in GC_mark_from"
3bb4b6b3c Fix a typo in comment of GC_mark_some (fix commit 84c0313)
a559d849a Fix a typo in push_roots comment
341c23707 Fix typo in GC_build_fl_clear2 comment
0fda6c947 Fix typo in GET_MEM comment
6d6663e2a Fix a typo in comment in GC_SysVGetDataStart
abfaae6d3 Delete preprocessor output on make clean (
6869a6fad .gitignore: Ignore (generated by lcov)
2ac8aeb05 .gitignore: Ignore gcov c/h output files
021cd6a86 .gitignore: Add even more files generated by CMake (including .tlog) (Cherry-pick commits f4047f9, 75cce7c from 'master' branch.)
e8fca337a .gitignore: Ignore folders and files of static code analysis tools (Cherry-pick commits 8e4544c, eaa3ff2 from 'master' branch.)
756cd1693 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
71fe511f6 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
b43d92884 Suppress 'taking address of label non-standard' GCC/Clang pedantic warning
8ce0d776b Report gcc/clang pedantic warnings (configure)
732f46fa3 Fix Solaris/sparc detection in case of strict C compliance is enforced
a5865bff3 Support AddressSanitizer and MemorySanitizer (clang)
0ae461eb7 Suppress 'tainted string passed to vulnerable operation' false defects
2b05bf323 Workaround 'function is never used' cppcheck style warnings (Cherry-pick commits c5d4ef9, 857bb8a from 'master' branch.)
c0bc4bda6 Workaround 'GC_DllMain is never used' cppcheck style warning
e36b3b721 Workaround 'WinMain() is never used' cppcheck false warning
fcff5bae4 Workaround 'operator delete[]/new[] never used' cppcheck false warning
b43ffcebd Add testing of new[]/delete[] (test_cpp)
ed6d40e48 Eliminate 'GC_record_fault is never used' cppcheck style warning
6df85bb8b Do not define amiga_get_mem, MacTemporaryNewPtr unless really used (extra)
b7bbff6c1 Change no-argument functions declaration style to ANSI C (extra files)
77e40cd26 Replace C++ style comments to C ones, remove commented out code (extra)
670454b26 Fix register_finalizer call in disclaim_bench for GC_DEBUG
0674677ea Eliminate 'function result not used' code defect in GC_mark_local
87fee8d34 Fix threaded tests runtime crash if GC_NO_THREAD_REDIRECTS supplied
8a3e87d50 Fix initsecondarythread_test runtime failure if GC compiled w/o threads
57509508d Fix 'incompatible ptr-to-int conversion' compiler warning in push_all_stack
824932194 Fix GC_jmp_buf multiple definition
80f428f39 Ensure oom_fn callback executed on out-of-memory in calloc (fix commits e10c1eb, 4e1a6f9)
aed7ec54e Fix assertion violation in GC_repeat_read if --enable-redirect-malloc
1b7ee1d64 Adjust GC_memalign comment
504075ed7 ChangeLog: add information that CVE-2016-9427 is fixed in v7.2h+
719f77891 Fix assertion violation in mark_local checking GC_mark_stack_top
d0d266af6 Update README to use on build from the source repository
3e1fd4d49 Update AUTHORS file (add Joshua Richardson)
899da82f7 Document configure 'syntax error' issue in README
0419f0011 Fix potential integer overflow in GC_find_limit_* functions
754fe9c33 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
05768e7c1 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only) (Cherry-pick commit 88c54c0 from 'release-7_4' branch.)
effeaf102 Add AppVeyor CI configuration (Cherry-pick commits af6bc0a, 2a0e600, 30bdd67 from 'master' branch.)
0b684310e Export GC_print_free_list()
ecf300b22 Eliminate duplicate log messages in GC_mark_from
d2b452b19 Eliminate redundant local variable in register_finalizer
2061e9090 Eliminate 'printf format specifies type void*' GCC pedantic warnings
2c5723962 Workaround more 'void pointers in calculations' cppcheck warnings
cefadde56 Eliminate all 'scope of variable can be reduced' cppcheck style warnings (Cherry-pick commits 03bb5fb, b3692f9, 81d04a6, 65347c0, a117f6c from 'master'.)
1fa18dea5 Workaround more '#error' cppcheck error messages
d7137d958 Workaround '#error' cppcheck error messages
e861d3401 Workaround 'value of macro unknown' cppcheck info messages
4981292dc Workaround 'value of REDIRECT_MALLOC/FREE unknown' cppcheck info messages
781f22fc0 Workaround 'value of WINAPI unknown' cppcheck info messages
fa7d6f13a Workaround 'value of SIGBUS unknown' cppcheck info messages
0cba98697 Eliminate 'value of DATASTART2 unknown' cppcheck info messages
112ad0dc4 Eliminate 'value of GC_PTHREAD_EXIT_ATTRIBUTE unknown' cppcheck messages
109faef38 Eliminate 'value of GC_RETURN_ADDR_PARENT unknown' cppcheck info messages
89c7f73c5 Eliminate 'value of NEED_FIXUP_POINTER unknown' cppcheck info messages
1037cd66a Fix missing #error pragma
b8f792758 Eliminate 'Condition 0==datastart always false' cppcheck warning (dyn_load)
b8c36cec3 Workaround 'condition is always false' cppcheck warning in get_next_stack
762bb5b62 Workaround 'possible null pointer dereference' cppcheck warning (Darwin)
f65c839be Workaround 'possible null pointer dereference' cppcheck warnings
99c223e58 Workaround 'variable reassigned before old value used' cppcheck warnings
1ca21df6a Workaround 'same expression on both sides of ==' cppcheck style warning
95872940e Workaround 'same expression on both sides of OR' cppcheck style warning
79c6a52ac Workaround 'redundant assignment of *result to itself' cppcheck warning
7ee26f992 Workaround 'obsolete function alloca() called' cppcheck warnings
64e0d373b Workaround 'struct member is never used' cppcheck style warnings
c28e24920 Workaround 'checking if unsigned value is negative' cppcheck warning
aee5074d3 Workaround 'unused variable' cppcheck style warnings
243f500e4 Eliminate 'constructor with 1 argument is not explicit' cppcheck warning (Cherry-pick commits 569fd66 and 7811301 from 'master' branch.)
014e7817b Eliminate 'class defines member variable with name also defined in parent' cppcheck warning
68662d6d1 Fix 'void pointers in calculations: behavior undefined' cppcheck warning
f2c1f0478 Fix 'syntax error' reported by cppcheck for mach_dep
6351d2ec3 Workaround 'tainted int used as loop bound' static analysis tool warning (Cherry-pick commits 1868a90 and 0f23ec4 from 'master' branch.)
6c364ee60 Eliminate 'null dereference' code defect warning in register_finalizer
8be6c9522 Workaround 'insecure libc pseudo-random number generator used' code defect
cfdf2370c Workaround 'mmap() resource handle leak' static analyzer warning
8e43ea457 Workaround 'local variable size too big' static analyzer warning
55dacbb3f Eliminate 'comparison is always false' static analyzer warning in finalize
3263dad97 Enable GC_is_tmp_root for all platforms
b0dc488e6 Allow custom TRACE_ENTRIES value
ceb0f8708 Export GC_is_tmp_root() and GC_print_trace[_inner]()
baf627366 Export GC_dump_finalization/regions()
d689fa55e Fix GC_collect_or_expand to prevent allocation size value wrap-around
f9c8aa300 Fix malloc routines to prevent size value wrap-around
0151ecd14 Fix 'shift count >= width of type' compiler warning in GC_SQRT_SIZE_MAX (fix commit 83231d0) (Cherry-pick part of commit b4eb5c1 from 'master' branch.)
b9d163477 Fix calloc_explicitly_typed in case of lb*n overflow (Cherry-pick commits 4e1a6f9 and part of b4eb5c1 from 'master' branch.)
525986a16 Adjust code indentation of calloc_explicitly_typed
60c31d142 Code refactoring of divide-by-HBLKSIZE occurrences
f842995de Eliminate 'dereference of null' CSA false warning in array_mark_proc
bd8304016 Fix 'variable unused' compiler warning in FirstDLOpenedLinkMap
7016f68a1 Fix potential overflow in decrement when computing GC_markers_m1
9ab767c6d Fix GC_requested_heapsize increment in GC_init
b30353087 Eliminate 'assigned value never used' CSA warning in min_bytes_allocd
057011dd1 Fix 'replacement operator delete cannot be inline' GCC warning (Cygwin) (fix commits 83e0a2c, 3379238)
3e54a2810 Workaround 'variable hides enumerator with same name' cppcheck warnings
0cad7c0ec Workaround 'Condition 0!=GETENV() is always false' cppcheck style warnings
1021cfbd3 Workaround 'passing untyped NULL to variadic function' cppcheck warning
61a299379 Eliminate 'printf format specifier mismatch' compiler warning (tools)
818ffcb5a Eliminate 'address of local variable returned' static analyzer warning
353f1e8f2 Fix tools/setjmp_t to prevent nested_sp inlining
64dc97bd6 Eliminate 'unnecessary comparison of static strings' cppcheck warning
d0761f0d9 Eliminate 'suspicious pointer subtraction' cppcheck warning (gc_cpp)
400bda96d Eliminate unreachable PROC/DEFAULT_VDB GC_printf calls in gctest main()
be9c20348 Eliminate 'value of CLOCK_TYPE unknown' cppcheck info message
da82e9e55 Fix 'ISO C90 does not support %lf, %lg gnu_printf formats' GCC warnings
a3bfbea5f Fix 'ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code' compiler warning
e17cb4e1c Fix local variable declarations in disclaim_bench
59a3bad8b Fix typo in CHECK_GCLIB_VERSION name (test)
c649e6154 Workaround 'resource leak' error reported by cppcheck (tools, test)
996347bf4 Eliminate 'potential overflow' static analyzer warning in test
686468cf7 Code refactoring of tests/subthread_create regarding AO add primitive
185aed991 Eliminate 'FP divide-by-zero' static analyzer warning
f043d753f Fix null dereference in GC_stack_range_for if not DARWIN_DONT_PARSE_STACK (fix commit 4ceae609)
2ae2f4d54 Skip thread suspend/resume API testing for Tru64 (OSF1) (fix commit 8ff3262)
6be1f0ce1 Add more cases to huge_test to cover sizes close to word-type maximum
3c10a8bb0 Code refactoring of huge_test
e0283a44b Eliminate 'C-style pointer casting' cppcheck style warnings in test
9a860ffa1 Eliminate 'ISO C forbids an empty translation unit' GCC pedantic warning
bb24b219e Workaround 'Uninitialized variable' cppcheck errors
996849f78 Fix 'variable assigned a value that is never used' cppcheck style warnings
1ca5399e1 Fix printf format specifiers in extra files (to eliminate cppcheck warnings)
f92ce2501 Eliminate 'scope of variable can be reduced' cppcheck warnings
9fdde03bb Eliminate 'unsafe vsprintf is deprecated' compiler warning
c0179f959 Eliminate 'write to memory that was const-qualified' code analyzer warning
abeba5871 Eliminate 'checking if unsigned variable is <0' cppcheck style warning
b38d825e7 Eliminate 'possible integer underflow' code defect (cord-de)
a779302dd Workaround 'pos_*, [r]iter, dump never used' cppcheck style warnings (cord)
b5ee13f9a Eliminate 'CORD_*printf is never used' cppcheck style warnings (cordtest)
8b22dc519 Fix conditional expression in pos_fetch, next non-macro definitions (cord)
ee96f516e Fix CORD_substr_closure for the case when CORD_from_fn returns C string
0d6cf012b Fix GC_bytes_allocd incrementation in case of allocation failure
11c0290cd Fix 'label cannot be reached' static analyzer warning in disclaim_test
5fa0c9c47 Fix page calculation in checksums
add72dbe2 Fix typo in comment of GC_lock (Win32)
627fd4c51 Fix double multiplication of lb by n in calloc_explicitly_typed
1038d8799 Workaround 'va_list used before va_start' cppcheck error in cord
e96b5f5a0 Eliminate 'condition is always true' cppcheck style warning
b7158cb17 Eliminate 'value stored is never read' warning of Clang static analyzer
cf4b75eb6 Fix Clang static analyzer warning about not found gc_priv.h in extra files
b8f54eb1c Fix header filename in gcconfig.h comment
f4d9e05c5 Eliminate 'cast to void* from int' compiler warnings (Darwin/x64)
d4a050736 Refine README about library source downloading
062f31050 Fix compilation if configured with --enable-werror on OS X
ac582c9ee Fix 'GetVersion deprecated' compiler warning in os_dep (MS VC)
82a36f993 Fix 'incompatible pointer' compiler warning in GC_init_dyld (OS X 64-bit)
6a81360ff Workaround missing getcontext() in Docker osrf/ubuntu_32bit
2c3663870 Update AUTHORS file
2049ca479 CMake: add gctest as a test
b847e36a7 Fix 'unknown type name GC_INNER' compilation error (FreeBSD) (fix commit f13a9559)

git-subtree-dir: gc
git-subtree-split: 72456d094bb68b0fe9e3c01bef453405f81806f8
Squashed 'gc/libatomic_ops/' changes from 22d4527b5..5ae4b4aee
5ae4b4aee [7.6.2]
8a4a20a45 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
4185d9e2e Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
3e35bebce Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only) (Cherry-pick commit e3fdda6 from 'release-7_4' branch.)
fd39e58c7 Travis CI: Test DONT_USE_MMAP (Linux)
7149e7889 Travis CI: Test with AO_STACK_PREFER_CAS_DOUBLE
54b3af3bd Travis CI: Test malloc/stack with AO_USE_PTHREAD_DEFS
db742947e Travis CI: Test with a custom AO_BL_SIZE value
0c948d19a Travis CI: Test AO_USE_ALMOST_LOCK_FREE macro (Cherry-pick commits e0411c6, 1468661, f15ac85 from 'master' branch.)
6ed54bd24 Travis CI: Test with a bigger number of threads (32)
5674beaab Travis CI: Test mmap-based atomic_ops_malloc with CSA
9474a06d5 Travis CI: Test with ASan and -D USE_STANDARD_MALLOC
4b43908de Travis CI: Test with ASan and -march=native with Clang-4.0 (Linux/x64)
681deba94 Minimize use of AO_ATTR_NO_SANITIZE_THREAD in atomic_ops_malloc/stack (Cherry-pick commits c058d9d, 110b0dc, 3aefd4e, 441415c from 'master'.)
165173c97 New macro to select stack implementation based on CAS-double
af76b0c9a Prevent too long run of test_atomic_generalized (especially with TSan)
0627b26b7 Fill in allocated memory with values depending on thread id (test_malloc)
05d9aab33 Eliminate GCC-5 ASan global-buffer-overflow false positive for AO_stack_bl
cadb870ee Mark unallocated/freed memory as inaccessible using ASan functionality
339d403ce Allow to select almost-non-blocking stack implementation explicitly
001b2756b New macro (DONT_USE_MMAP) to support testing as if mmap() is unavailable
7ea4f2743 Use double-word atomic intrinsics for recent Clang versions (gcc/x86.h)
dcef32a97 Simplify '#if' expressions in gcc/x86.h (code refactoring)
66eabd882 Fix test_stack failure if AO_PREFER_BUILTIN_ATOMICS (GCC/Aarch64)
fd9374bb4 Fix test failures for Clang-3.8 and older (Aarch64)
57d609c10 Use generalized double-wide load/store if AO_PREFER_GENERALIZED (Aarch64)
15338a693 Use built-in atomics for load/store/CAS for Clang by default (Aarch64)
fde9541bf Do not disallow to define double_load using built-in atomics (Aarch64) (fix commit 03a0465)
6a8ace57b Use GCC built-in atomic to define nop_write in case of TSan (Aarch64)
06cbf7cb7 Do not define AO_GCC_FORCE_HAVE_CAS for Clang 3.8+ (Aarch64) (Cherry-pick commits 83fca68, baa9851 from 'master' branch.)
5ace35641 Do not expose AO_GCC_FORCE_HAVE_CAS macro to client code (code refactoring)
40cce5ab6 Disable workaround in stack_pop_acquire that was needed for ancient Clang
b85f37f22 Increase the default number of threads to 16 in test_malloc/stack
1c8c267f9 Allow to alter DEFAULT/MAX_NTHREADS values in test_malloc/stack (code refactoring)
af5a0a006 Use __builtin_expect in atomic_ops_malloc
f1cb2c68e Fix typo in AO_REAL_NEXT_PTR comment (atomic_ops_stack.h)
6eb69ca2a Test smallest allocation of large type (test_malloc) (Cherry-pick commits 29d91db, 937b173 from 'master' branch.)
231065a2f Annotate AO_malloc with 'alloc_size' and 'malloc' attributes
00bdd8897 Fix AO_malloc for sizes near CHUNK_SIZE
679625c34 Fix memory leak in test_malloc
b2af7dfcf Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
31f67821d Travis CI: Test with TSan when a 16-byte CAS is available
19db4d30a Travis CI: Test also with GCC with ASan enabled (Cherry-pick commits cb7cab3, 30d68cc, 40a49c9 from 'master' branch.)
e8d559f5b Define AO_TS_SET to true (1) if GCC atomic_test_and_set is used (fix commit 3315a03)
2258660c6 Do not use asm-based 16-byte CAS if compiled with TSan (Linux/x64) (fix commit c058d9d)
a4232e735 Eliminate data race in cons() of test_malloc (fix commit c058d9d)
f5acd9571 Fix 'unknown attribute no_sanitize' compiler warning for GCC (fix commits 9020c5db, 6a3eee47, c058d9dc, 637f7fe1)
28922924e Place no_sanitize attributes in a GCC-compliant way (fix commits 9020c5db, c058d9dc)
24410d715 Update ChangeLog file (set v7.4.8 release date)
518cad048 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
b6fe5caf6 Travis CI: Test also 32-bit builds with --disable-atomic-intrinsics
0e06cf2c9 Travis CI: Test also 32-bit code with ASan (on OS X)
ac2b777a7 Travis CI: Test also with Leak Sanitizer (LSan)
2b025ea0e Travis CI: Add a test build with Thread sanitizer (TSan)
a8dad5bf5 Workaround TSan false positive warnings in stack_pop assertions
fdf227b16 Workaround Thread Sanitizer (TSan) false positive warnings
6580cfaa8 Eliminate '-pedantic is not option that controls warnings' GCC-6.4 message (fix commits 7633154, 7fad46e)
c39944135 Fix 'bad register name %sil' assembler error (GCC-4.4/x86) (fix commit 7708b76)
47e8e4d70 Travis CI: Fix builds for avr32, cris, sh4, tilegx after OS image update
1975500c0 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
93409bbc8 Update ChangeLog file (v7.4 changes only) (Cherry-pick commit 1b48276 from 'release-7_4' branch.)
ceeb81700 Travis CI: Test configure --disable-docs
37dc98cbd Do not install documentation if configure --disable-docs (new option)
fe6689d7b Eliminate '-pedantic is not an option that controls warnings' GCC message (fix commit 7633154)
bd17b1885 Workaround 'unused result' code defects in list_atomic.template
6306d4d04 Workaround 'unused result' code defect in atomic_ops.c
1d57a39e1 Update AUTHORS file (add Mikael Urankar)
2689d20e9 Workaround misspelling in GCC to detect ARMv6KZ platform
385b43b33 Add bdwgc mailing list online archive link to README
078523185 Use GCC atomic intrinsics for Hexagon (clang 3.9+)
51964658b Fix 'missing select.h', 'undefined sigprocmask' compiler errors (Hexagon)
f8aaeec88 Avoid misleading 'AO_t undefined' error if wrong atomic_ops.h included
adf7a2273 Do not produce .tar.bz2 distribution file (configure)
0a55f08f4 Update README about bugs reporting and new releases notification (Cherry-pick commit f705a8f from 'master' branch.)
9ba900c26 Update several email addresses in AUTHORS file
67b84cdb9 Travis CI: Move 'gnu-tools' to home folder
9a52e3fd4 Travis CI: Remove Coverity Scan for release-7_6 branch (revert commits 18f1ddd, 8fd0719)

git-subtree-dir: gc/libatomic_ops
git-subtree-split: 5ae4b4aeea2baf13752d07e3038c47f70f06dcac
Merge commit '26cb7963fe431fb8b4a763fc04858e77f9c031fa' into gc7.6.2-…

	gc/darwin_stop_world.c (See also: bc7338c )
Merge commit 'c4ce65f945ff0229cda6d5fadca38ddb40ea2032' into gc7.6.2-…

	gc/libatomic_ops/ (See also: 10def9d )

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