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Update GC library to7.6.8 #373

merged 2 commits into from Aug 13, 2018


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qykth-git commented Aug 12, 2018

New GC library was released.

qykth-git added some commits Aug 12, 2018

Squashed 'gc/' changes from 0125d569a..8b2a98209
8b2a98209 [7.6.8]
83a38105e Update ChangeLog file (add v7.4.14 release date)
572218c35 Update ChangeLog file (add v7.2l release date)
7d6541b20 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes)
e275822f3 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only)
9a886d512 Fix incorrect roots order after root removal in remove_roots_subregion (fix of commits 38d194a, e849b45)
9520d5b13 Adjust formatting of configure help messages and config.h comments (cherry-pick of commit b63533e7 from 'master')
9d5a4e755 Update AUTHORS file (add Josh Peterson)
0aca0d6bc Fix the build for Emscripten (cherry-pick of commit 2d98a9b8 from 'master')
8e1cacbd6 Update AUTHORS file (add Jonas Echterhoff)
6f69f57e0 Fix compilation of darwin_stop_world for iOS 8+ (part of commit c6e7e36 from Unity-Technologies/bdwgc)
11501113b Fix UNTESTED for multi-threaded API functions in gctest (fix of commits c5d4ef9c1, 857bb8ad6)
0772fd8af Fix suspend_thread_list in case of thread_suspend is interrupted (fix of commit e8cdc7c)
788eff37b Perform thread_suspend in loop as it may be interrupted (Darwin)
ae97238b7 Update copyright information in alloc.c and gc.c (cherry-pick of commit 1b8afb6f from 'master')
885a5151e Update copyright information in the documentation and gc.h files
2f0da46d5 Remove libatomic_ops license information
74140389d Remove info how to send bugs from README.cords
652bcd255 Do not use NULL in gc_inline.h (fix of commits 64bed186f, 0ff8f033c)
0584756c8 Update ChangeLog file (v7.6 changes only)
e5a649188 Update ChangeLog file (v7.2 - v7.4 changes only) (a cherry-pick of commit d46e0fda from 'release-7_4')
f5bf0e210 Travis CI: Fix timeout during cppcheck of extra/gc.c (fix of commit 0e97f6e)
88feca6bc Never return null by C++ GC allocators (a cherry-pick of commits 689b081, c89559b from 'master')
364e6b5f1 Fix new and delete operators definition for DigitalMars compiler (a cherry-pick of commit 4afeb2fd from 'master')
ca769a4df Never return null pointer by C++ operator new (gc_cpp) (a cherry-pick of commits cb1194d1, e965562c, 4399253c, 2ce94e20 from 'master')
0e97f6e1e Travis CI: Fix 'cppcheck failed to extract a valid configuration' warning
64e5bee3a Fix GC_is_valid_displacement and GC_is_visible for non-small objects (a cherry-pick of commit 77f4ff04 from 'master')
cc16d361a Update NT_MAKEFILE usage information in README files for Win32 and Win64
39792c9e5 Fix Borland version in documentation to match that in BCC_MAKEFILE
f82c30868 Update EXTRA_DIST in Makefile, Win32/64 docs after NT_*_MAKEFILE removal (a cherry-pick of commit c76a0d8d from 'master')
5aea4756c Fix 'pointer arithmetic with NULL' code defect in print_callers
6992c20df Eliminate 'ptr arithmetic with NULL' cppcheck warning in alloc_mark_stack
0ea461648 Eliminate 'condition is always true' cppcheck warning in init_gcj_malloc
76dcd13dd Eliminate 'scope of var can be reduced' cppcheck warning in pthread_join
a85af2225 Travis CI: Test MANUAL_VDB (w/o parallel mark)
d9bfa93a8 Turn on incremental collection in gctest also if MANUAL_VDB (a cherry-pick of commit 79249057 from 'master')
98a06e7c2 Fix tests for GC compiled with MANUAL_VDB (a cherry-pick of commit b52c140, f72fc9d, 08a380c, 263ffbb, 3e886de from 'master')
c72eeacca Fix cords for MANUAL_VDB (a cherry-pick of commits e12e820f3, e8e76b5d8 from 'master')
c664ef4fe Fix missing GC_dirty calls for GC-allocated objects used internally (a cherry-pick of commits 73d30d2, e5fb574, 8eb6f8d, 0553eb0 from 'master')
09f68bab2 Do not call GC_dirty_inner unless GC_incremental (a cherry-pick of commits bb8e97c1, f30c0150 from 'master')
e908cc114 Remove code duplication in gcj_malloc and malloc_explicitly_typed (a cherry-pick of commit 888b7da8 from 'master')
d3d3dd03d Keep pointer to the start of previous entry in remove_specific_after_fork (a cherry-pick of commit 510fb9f6 from 'master')
923b8c327 Fix missing GC_dirty invocation from debug_end_stubborn_change
2872c797c Fix NT_MAKEFILE for VS 2017
4244e6b8d Fast fail on invalid CPU parameter passed to NT_MAKEFILE (a cherry-pick of commit a4a6329e from 'master')
d66590871 Add cpu, make_as_lib, nothreads options to NT_MAKEFILE
8337d7e52 Move de_win compiled resource files to cord/tests
5bf453f10 Collapse multiple NT_*_MAKEFILE scripts into a single NT_MAKEFILE (a cherry-pick of commits 83120988, e6af86f5 from 'master')
f3318202b Travis CI: Upgrade clang-4.0 to clang-5.0, and gcc-5 to gcc-8 (a cherry-pick of commits 20193940, e95f456d, f8756474 from 'master')
4e4684233 Travis CI: test --enable-large-config and LINT2 with assertions on (linux) (a cherry-pick of commit fcdd0bba from 'master')
48b632770 Travis CI: test --enable-gc-debug in 32-bit mode (linux) (a cherry-pick of commit dac8fb40 from 'master')
462a846c2 Travis CI: Enable assertion checking for MARK_BIT_PER_OBJ
c147dcba7 Fix gctest in leak-finding mode (a cherry-pick of commits 4e909d2, 8568ff0 from 'master')
f04a9f0cd Fix compilation by WCC makefile (a cherry-pick of commit 46ea04d8 from 'master')
8f5bcfdcd Remove unused USE_GENERIC macro definition and description (a cherry-pick of commit 9ecc54bd from 'master')
f8a1224af Fix compilation by digimars.mak (DMC) (a cherry-pick of commits 4d68389e, fa9e16de, b1224990 from 'master')
63be9828d Fix dependency on gc_cpp source in BCC_MAKEFILE and NT_MAKEFILE
c95692166 Cleanup BCC makefile (remove absolute GC paths, fix del cmd, update clean)
e39899acf Fix potential null dereference in GC_CONS (a cherry-pick of commit 0ff8f033 from 'master')
40a8fd8c1 Eliminate duplicate clear_mark_bit call when removing disappearing link (fix of commit 8d13d52b6)
78c744e0c Eliminate 'language extension used' Clang warning in gc.h
087b9f62e Fix mark stack overflow checking in push_selected (a cherry-pick of commit 4685f4de from 'master')
976788025 Fix VirtualQuery call in case of malloc failure (Win32)
793652dbd Eliminate 'switch statement contains no case label' compiler warning
ebfb2d006 Suppress 'non-member operator new/delete may not be inline' VC++ warning
57b763e0d Eliminate 'declaration of var hides global declaration' compiler warning
7e90dfb7c Eliminate 'variable might be uninitialized' warning in win32_start_inner
f90276ab4 Remove duplicate local variable in reclaim_block (fix of commit 6c1a92445)
eebf85e7e Fix large object base computation in PUSH_CONTENTS() if MARK_BIT_PER_OBJ (a cherry-pick of commit 38b46be3 from 'master')
962a844b9 Fix typos in ChangeLog and generic_malloc
57b2c1a75 Fix comment about inv_sz computation in setup_header (a cherry-pick of commit e55f4632 from 'master')
b82c158c2 Fix result computation in n_set_marks
09e0175c0 Fix multi-threaded gctest for the case of NTHREADS is set to zero (fix of commit 347c1f0d0)
4d282c236 Update AUTHORS file (add Jared McNeill and Leonardo Taccari)
75b763d0b Add support for NetBSD/aarch64 (a cherry-pick of commit 3acaf7b0 from 'master')
3e7c34e72 Fix 'collecting from unknown thread' abort in leak-finding mode (a cherry-pick of commit 8e646005 from 'master')
99d373913 Eliminate 'cast between incompatible function types' compiler warning (a cherry-pick of commits 0fa40a71, 3134dee3 from 'master')
8b432afdf Workaround 'template-id not supported in this context' compiler error (WCC)
17f1a4590 Do not redefine MSWIN32 macro (WCC) (a cherry-pick of commit 69c0495c from 'master')
c1d45fab9 Suppress 'functions containing switch are not expanded inline' bcc warning (a cherry-pick of commit aed52fd2 from 'master')
40560ef9b Eliminate 'comparing signed and unsigned values' compiler warnings (bcc)
83f9ff348 Eliminate 'possibly incorrect assignment in CORD_vsprintf' compiler warning
22d36b004 Fix typo in comment for CORD_ec_flush_buf prototype
05f4d2c74 Fix comments style in and (a cherry-pick of commit a043dade from 'master')
67338bbd7 Fix infinite restarting of mark_some when a static root disappeared (Linux) (a cherry-pick of commits 38d194a3, e849b45c from 'master')
6d4c8c197 Fix return type in GC_set_warn_proc API documentation (a cherry-pick of commit a63c89e7 from 'master')
3331afa0c Really abort if failed to read /proc for library registration (Linux)
53ac1acbd Update AUTHORS file (add Naoyuki Sawa) (a cherry-pick of commit 2b759983 from 'master')
5f9ae44ae Fix register_dynamic_libraries on Windows 10
68e8c9d56 Workaround 'function nested_sp is never used' cppcheck style warning
89fa37053 Workaround 'class C does not have a copy constructor' cppcheck warning
d6130cdff Workaround 'opposite expression on both sides of &' cppcheck style warning
c09fa7023 .gitignore: Ignore '.vs' folders
8361c7091 .gitignore: Ignore gc.def (produced by digimars.mak)
a025c3cb4 .gitignore: Ignore *.tds files (generated by bcc)
fec76d59a Avoid multiple 'getcontext failed' warnings if getcontext is broken (back-port of commits b594132, 2bfaff7 from 'master')
4f9c69a1c Install gc.3 man page instead of copying to doc folder (configure) (back-port of commit c2773a5f from 'master')
05bc4a65b Add initial RISC-V support (back-port of commits 4f7f0eebd, 3b008f79e from 'master')

git-subtree-dir: gc
git-subtree-split: 8b2a98209a59c92e1be318e4acda507d83175f4d

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shirok commented Aug 13, 2018

Mahalo nui loa.

@shirok shirok merged commit 6fc782a into shirok:master Aug 13, 2018

@qykth-git qykth-git deleted the qykth-git:gc7.6.8-subtree branch Aug 30, 2018

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