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What is this

A way to remap the default keyboard layout of Atelier Sophie. I've included a layout that I think is good, but you can make your own if you so please.


Unzip the following files in your Atelier folder (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Atelier Sophie The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book)

  • dinput8.dll
  • remapper.exe
  • atelier.remap

If it doesn't work make sure you have the redistributables for Visual Studio 2015, these are probably the ones you need:


Remove the 3 files listed in Install.

Default Layout ==

Movement = W, A, S, D (unchanged)

Camera = Numpad Arrows (still 4, 8, 6, but not 2)

Camera Tilt Down = Numpad Clear (5)

Menu navigation = Arrows (unchanged)

XBOX A / PS3 X = E and Enter

XBOX B / PS3 Circle = Space and Backspace

XBOX Y / PS3 Triangle = Ctrl

XBOX X / PS3 Square = Q

LB = 1

RB = 3

How to make your own layout

You can add or change mappings of the already included layout. Just launch remapper.exe. If you want to start on a new layout you need to delete atelier.remap before launching remapper.exe


This project uses a proxy dinput8.dll that simply replaces the incoming keypress/release before Atelier gets it. Most of the work lies in making that base proxy dll which I took from

The source can be found here: