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Ansible docker testing on CircleCI

What's this

This is an sample repository to test ansible inside the docker container on the CircleCI. This example user docker connection plugin, so you does not need to install sshd container inside.

inventory_docker is an inventory directory to load both static and dynamic inventory.

Explaining circle.yml

- docker run -d --name web ubuntu:16.04 /bin/sleep 3600

This line means start ubuntu:16.04 image with web name. Ansible docker dynamic inventory returns group with this name.

Here is a part of JSON which dynamic inventory returnes.

"web": [
"image_ubuntu:16.04": [
"33220114d5bed36e03dfac72d52ae115a2da12f3e08b995325182398aae2a95a": [
"33220114d5bed": [
"running": [
"docker_hosts": [
"unix://var/run/docker.sock": [

The point is, set container name to your actual group. web in this case. It makes your playbook stable.

- ansible-playbook -i inventory_docker web.yml.

And run ansible-playbook command.