Mobile Launch Platform for EVE Online
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Mobile Launch Platform

A portable (cross-platform) EVE Online launcher

Screenshots & binary downloads:


  • Remember usernames
  • Remember passwords (one master password for several alts)
  • Launch multiple alts at once
    • Different Eve folders for each of them, if you want to keep settings and cache separate
  • Systray icon
    • Double click to hide main window
    • Right click -> launch character

Run (GUI)


Run (CLI)

Set the default game path:
    eve-mlp config --gamepath /home/bob/Games/EVE

Add a new launch configuration:
    eve-mlp add MyConfig

Set username and custom path:
    eve-mlp config MyConfig --username Fred --gamepath /home/fred/Games/EVE

Show all the known launch configurations:
    eve-mlp list

Launch multiple alts at once:
    eve-mlp launch MyConfig CynoAlt-Screen2 MarketAlt-LowGraphics

Launch all of your selected alts in one go:
    eve-mlp launch

As an alternative to many "config" commands, you might find it easier to run eve-mlp once to have it generate ~/.config/eve-mlp.conf, and then edit that with a text editor (Presuming you're comfortable editing JSON by hand).

Or you can use the GUI once to set your accounts up how you want, then use the CLI for launching~

Shameless Plug

Send ISK to Shish Tukay if you want to encourage more work on this :)


Artefact2, for his proof-of-concept PHP launcher:

CCP, for making the best virtual universe, and for not sending their lawyers after me ( please ;) )