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Various utility scripts for Shimmie2
PHP Shell
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README fix_sizes script
check_for_orphan_files.php extra functions
cli_import.php add cli_import script
coverage.php better averages, and use a gradient of colours rather than static red…
create_monolith_2.2.php monolithing scripts
create_monolith_2.4.php updates to keep create_monolith in sync
fix_sizes.php fix_sizes script
ids_to_hashes2.php warehouse maintenance scripts + readme clone shimmie2-utils, in case was downloaded alone another slash...
reset_image_ids.php extra functions
shimtest.nginx.conf Updated nginx rewrite rules
shimtest.php-fpm.conf tweaks
zlibcat.php extra functions


run from the root of a shimmie install; it will output monolith.php, a single
file containing all shimmie code and active extensions (but not /lib/*); it will
also have comments stripped and various static optimisations applied.

convert shimmie1 style "images/123.jpg" to shimmie2 style "images/24/24a7b..."

convert shimmie2-beta style "images/bl/blah.jpg" to "images/bl/blah"
creates a tree of installations suitable for unit testing (one install for
each combination of stable/dev and mysql/pgsql/sqlite, with wipe-and-reinstall
scripts to clean up after testing)

Fix the database in cases where the height/width/filesize were listed as zero

cli_import.php [OLD]
Like the "bulk add" extension, but works from the command line.
- Last updated in the 2.1 era, won't work with current versions, but might be
  useful as a base if anyone wants to create an updated version
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