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* \mainpage Shimmie2 / SCore Documentation
* SCore is a framework designed for writing flexible, extendable applications.
* Whereas most PHP apps are built monolithicly, score's event-based nature
* allows parts to be mixed and matched. For instance, the most famous
* collection of score extensions is the Shimmie image board, which includes
* user management, a wiki, a private messaging system, etc. But one could
* easily remove the image board bits and simply have a wiki with users and
* PMs; or one could replace it with a blog module; or one could have a blog
* which links to images on an image board, with no wiki or messaging, and so
* on and so on...
* Dijkstra will kill me for personifying my architecture, but I can't think
* of a better way without going into all the little details.
* There are a bunch of Extension subclasses, they talk to eachother by sending
* and recieving Event subclasses. The primary driver for each conversation is the
* initial PageRequestEvent. If an Extension wants to display something to the
* user, it adds a block to the Page data store. Once the conversation is over, the Page is passed to the
* current theme's Layout class which will tidy up the data and present it to
* the user. To see this in a more practical sense, see \ref hello.
* To learn more about the architecture:
* \li \ref eande
* \li \ref themes
* To learn more about practical development:
* \li \ref scglobals
* \li \ref unittests
* \page scglobals SCore Globals
* There are four global variables which are pretty essential to most extensions:
* \li $config -- some variety of Config subclass
* \li $database -- a Database object used to get raw SQL access
* \li $page -- a Page to holds all the loose bits of extension output
* \li $user -- the currently logged in User
* Each of these can be imported at the start of a function with eg "global $page, $user;"
if(!file_exists("data/config/shimmie.conf.php")) {
header("Location: install.php");
require_once "core/";
require_once "core/";
require_once "lib/context.php";
// set up and purify the environment
ctx_log_start(@$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], true, true);
try {
// load base files
ctx_log_start("Opening files");
$files = array_merge(zglob("core/*.php"), zglob("ext/{".ENABLED_EXTS."}/main.php"));
foreach($files as $filename) {
require_once $filename;
ctx_log_start("Connecting to DB");
// connect to the database
$database = new Database();
$config = new DatabaseConfig($database);
// load the theme parts
ctx_log_start("Loading themelets");
foreach(_get_themelet_files(get_theme()) as $themelet) {
require_once $themelet;
// start the page generation waterfall
$page = class_exists("CustomPage") ? new CustomPage() : new Page();
$user = _get_user();
send_event(new InitExtEvent());
if(!is_cli()) { // web request
send_event(new PageRequestEvent(@$_GET["q"]));
else { // command line request
send_event(new CommandEvent($argv));
// saving cache data and profiling data to disk can happen later
if(function_exists("fastcgi_finish_request")) fastcgi_finish_request();
catch(Exception $e) {
if($database) $database->rollback();
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