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Error when 2+ images are uploaded with same tag #147

DakuTree opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Internal Error
SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'anytag' for key 'tag'
Query: INSERT INTO tags(tag) VALUES (:tag)

Keep having this error occur when two files are uploaded at same time with each sharing a tag.
Example: 'Image1: "blah" & Image2: "blah" uploaded at same time, error occurs.'
Example: 'Image1: "blah" & Image2: "notblah" uploaded at same time, no error.'
Example: 'Image1: "blah notblah" & Image2: "notblah moo" uploaded at same time, error occurs.'


By the way: The problem still exists. If you're working with the bookmarklet, it happens a lot if you accidentally click it twice. Also the script exits after the message which leaves the transloaded file in the tempfolder.

@HungryFeline HungryFeline referenced this issue from a commit
HungryFeline Fix for #147
From the MySQL manual: "If you use the IGNORE keyword, errors that occur while executing the INSERT statement are ignored. For example, without IGNORE, a row that duplicates an existing UNIQUE index or PRIMARY KEY value in the table causes a duplicate-key error and the statement is aborted. With IGNORE, the row still is not inserted, but no error occurs. Ignored errors may generate warnings instead, although duplicate-key errors do not."

@DakuTree DakuTree added the Bug label
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