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Travian Mapping Tool
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Notes on travmap hosting:

Requires Postgresql 8.X; MySQL's query optimiser manages to take perfectly fast queries and make them painfully slow... If you really want to use mysql it shouldn't be too hard to hack, but I don't have time to help (I will gladly accept any patches which don't break the existing postgres support though)

If you want to host all maps for all servers, 15GB of disk space is a good idea (while there's only ~5GB of permanant data, caching and temp files while updating can take a lot). For a single server, 50MB should be enough.

General use:

Adding a new server:

./add_server CountryName ServerNum

CountryName is what appears in the drop down list, servernum is the number of the server within that country, used to order the results

Updating data:


Can be run daily from cron

Docker use:

Build image:

docker build -t travmap .

Run it, exposing public port 8805:

docker run --name sn-travmap \
    -e SQL_HOST=postgres -e SQL_PASS=agav44q3g \
    -p -t travmap

Run this as a cronjob to update internal data:

docker exec sn-travmap /usr/bin/python /utils/
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