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Notes on travmap hosting:

Requires Postgresql 8.X; MySQL's query optimiser manages to take perfectly
fast queries and make them painfully slow... If you really want to use
mysql it shouldn't be too hard to hack, but I don't have time to help (I
will gladly accept any patches which don't break the existing postgres
support though)

arialuni.ttf is used as the font; this is not included as it's 22MB and
IIRC copyrighted by someone other than me...

If you want to host all maps for all servers, 15GB of disk space is a good
idea (while there's only ~5GB of permanant data, caching and temp files
while updating can take a lot). For a single server, 50MB should be enough.

General use:

Adding a new server:
 ./add_server CountryName ServerNum

CountryName is what appears in the drop down list, servernum is the number
of the server within that country, used to order the results

Updating data:

Can be run daily from cron

Docker use:
Build image:

  docker build -t travmap .

Run it, exposing public port 8805:

  docker run --name sn-travmap -p -t travmap

Run this as a crontjob to update internal data:

  docker exec sn-travmap /usr/local/bin/python /utils/