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@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ help6=Group by Alliance 2 = treat players with no alliance as all separate
help7=If the server data seems out of date, please first check the server's map.sql file -- if that data is out of date, complain to the travian administrators, not me!
servertime=Maps are updated at 1:30AM, the current time is
-report bugs=<a href="">Report</a> any bugs that aren't fixed within a couple of minutes of them appearing. (Use <a href="">the bug tracker</a>, dealing with things via email gets disorganised)
+report bugs=TravMap is constantly getting bigger and more resource demanding, while advertising income has dropped to almost nothing; thus I'm running the project at a loss from my own pocket... I don't want to take the project down while it's still getting 40,000 unique users per day, but I'm not sure what <i>can</i> be done. Suggestions, anyone?
credit=Shish and Babelfish are both horrible translators, <a href="">please help!</a>

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