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microdata/RDFa-Lite Library
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microdata/RDFa-Lite library

  • Light weight streaming parser
    • Parse chunked HTML and extract both microdata/RDFa-Lite via corresponding event handlers
    • Applications can reduce memory foot print because huge HTML tree isn't internally created
  • Data model builder
    • Create a data model based on the underlying streaming parser result
    • All semantics of microdata/RDFa-Lite can be accessed via HTML5 microdata API

How to build binary

  1. Install libxml because the streaming parser works on libxml HTMLparser

  2. Execute configure script:

    $ ./configure
  3. Build library:

    $ make

How to serialize API specification

  1. Install doxygen

  2. Execute doxygen command under $LIBRARY_ROOT/csem:

    $ doxygen
  3. API specification is serialized under $LIBRARY_ROOT/doc as both html and man

Sample programs

  • Examples for each module can be found under $LIBRARY_ROOT/examples
  • A sample program based on Chrome extension

Code quality

  • No memory leak with valgrind
  • Nice code coverage (more than 80%)

Related prototypes

SemWeb for HTML5.


W3C Software Notice and License


Hitoshi Uchida <>

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