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A repository for having fun with code (Primarily C for now)

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Summary of Contents

./th-stor           - Thread storage 
./locks             - Examples for thread locking (coming soon)
./fwc_stdlib        - standard library (based on Linux Programming Interface stdlib)
                      provides basic types, error functions, etc 

1. th-stor   - experiments with thread local storage
   a. thread specific storage
   b. thread local storage

Compiling the examples 
This project uses cmake to generate makefiles, that can then be used to build target 
for your platform. Out-of-source builds are supported and the instructions below will 
build everything within the build directory.

On linux machines, you will need the following

    cmake - version 2.6 or greater (you can install this using apt-get)
    make/gmake - the default should suffice
    gcc/something other c compiler - the default should suffice

Steps to compile all targets:

    #cd $CHECKOUT/build
    #cmake ../

The above commands generate binaries and libraries in $CHECKOUT/build/bin and 
$CHECKOUT/build/lib respectively.

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