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Get news instantly! 🎶 📰

Released v1.2.3

PyPI Gitter


An API key from newsapi will be required and you can register for one here.

Using pip

$ pip install instantnews

Using pip upgrade

$ pip install instantnews --upgrade

Set your API key in an environment variable IN_API_KEY

For example:


Build from source

$ git clone
$ cd instantnew
$ python install


Python 2.7 and Python 3 compatible


Get help

$ instantnews -h/--help  #Get Help
usage: instantnews [-h] [--show SHOW] [--show_all] [--news NEWS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --show SHOW, -s SHOW  Shows all the news channel codes category wise
  --show_all, -sa       Shows all the news channel codes
  --news NEWS, -n NEWS  Shows news

Get news-code category-wise/all

$ instantnews -sa/--show_all
instantnews --show_all
News Code: <abc-news-au> ABC News (AU)
News Code: <al-jazeera-english> Al Jazeera English
News Code: <ars-technica> Ars Technica
News Code: <associated-press> Associated Press
News Code: <bbc-news> BBC News
News Code: <bbc-sport> BBC Sport
News Code: <bild> Bild
News Code: <bloomberg> Bloomberg
News Code: <breitbart-news> Breitbart News .....

$ instantnews -s/--show business
instantnews --show business  # Categories available-'business','entertainment','gaming','general','music','politics','science-and-nature','sport','technology'
News Code: <bloomberg> Bloomberg
News Code: <business-insider> Business Insider
News Code: <business-insider-uk> Business Insider (UK)
News Code: <cnbc> CNBC
News Code: <die-zeit> Die Zeit
News Code: <financial-times> Financial Times
News Code: <fortune> Fortune
News Code: <handelsblatt> Handelsblatt

Get news

$ instantnews -n/--news  [news-id]
instantnews --news bbc-news
[0] Title: Trump denies NFL kneel row race-related
Author: BBC News
Summary: Donald Trump says his words about political protests at sport events had "nothing to do with race".
[1] Title: Germany's AfD to fight 'foreign invasion'
Author: BBC News
Summary: Nationalists lay out their plans after winning nearly 13% of the vote, weakening Chancellor Merkel.
Want to see the news that interests you/open in a webpage? Enter Y/N # See news in a webpage by enter the number present in the box


Open sourced under MIT License

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