📆 C-CPP Calendar is a easy to use calendar app.
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C-CPP Calendar app is a easy to use app to do all the functions of a calendar.

Download from SourceForge

  • The app can display day of any date in the Gregorian calendar (1753 - 9999).
  • It can be used to display calendar of a month of a year.
  • It displays the calendar of a year in a well formatted layout like a paper calendar and also generate a text file for the same.
  • It is very handy when it displays the dates in a month on which a day occurs in that month.

How to compile

  • Make sure you have the three files
    • main.cpp
    • func.cpp
    • header files/md5.cpp
  • In your IDE click on compiler options and add "-lshlwapi" command when calling the linker
  • Now you should be able to compile the source.