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This is a simple website which fetches data from DBPedia as one of its end point.
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Know India


This application is simple web application which is used to portray the power of Semantic Web. This application uses features of Web2.0 and Web3.0 together to harvest the most intuitive results. The use-case for this application is very simple though. You can read about it below. AJAX is one of the key feature of this application which is achieved by using JQuery and a JSON-P request since the request is cross domain.

Use Case

This application portrays data about the different things related to a place. Right now my usecase just concentrated on different states in India. India has 28 states, 6 Union Territory and 1 National Capital Region. Together all of this play a major role in the application. The various features that are being presently being shown on the demo Page are:-

  • An abstract about the place with the photograph of it or the thing that symbolizes it.
  • External Links to the page.
  • People who are anyways associated to the place.
  • The page also has a textbox where you can search for places which is autosuggesting.

The entire application revolves around the data that is available on DBPedia and does not use any fancy stuff apart from simple cross domain request using JSON-P. The format and the code is really simple. The entire aim of the web application is to produce results that are relevant to the place and also help one to understand the place.

Technologies Used

The list of various technologies used in order to make this happen are:-

Future Plans

In future I plan to expand the application by encorporating

  • Google maps
  • Graphs
  • Analytics
  • Twitter Links
  • Industries
  • Male/Female Ratio
  • Weather Condition
  • Entertainment
  • Others (Yet to be decided)

For time being my immediate plan to to refine the site so as to have an intuitive interface for such and exhaustive application. I also plan to introduce some new framework such as BackboneJS,RequireJS and Knockout after evaluating them.


Right now Only I am the contributor to the project. If anyone is interested in this you can contact me on mail or just leave a tweet.


In order to participate you need a little knowledge of JavaScript and understanding of Semantic Web rest would all be a cake walk(Apart from Designing :P ;) ).

Catch Me

You coule catch me on any of the following :-

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