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A Sublime Plugin for Visage. This plugin works with package manager and helps you to add Syntax Highlighting,Code Completion as well as Build/Run the Visage Code.
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Update visagefx_scene.sublime-snippet

Changes made to Color-->Fill. Since Color would not work.

VisSub-An editor for Visage/VisageFX


A Sublime Text 2 Plugin for Visage/VisageFX. This plugin is made for editing Visage/VisageFX. Since the plugin is relatively new, for time being it provides features such as:-

  • File Recognition i.e *.visage
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • VisageFX Snippets (Component Specific)
  • Visage Snippets (wrt Language)


Download and extract the package file.Then open Sublime and click on Preferences-->Browse Packages. Go to one level above in the folder structure and you will find Installed Packages folder. Paste the extracted file into this folder and restart Sublime. Now try to open a new file and save it as Visage.Now try writing Visage code.

You can try the following links for cloning the code or the package:-


The Snippets are very standard ones:-

  • Hyp+Tab-->HyperLink
  • Chk+Tab-->CheckBox
  • Tit+Tab-->TitledPane
  • Sce+Tab-->Scene
  • Sli+Tab-->Slider
  • Sta+Tab-->Stage
  • Tog+Tab-->ToggleButton
  • func+Tab-->Function Definition
  • if+Tab-->if Block
  • ife+Tab-->if/else Tab
  • doc+Tab-->Block Comment

Build System

Build system is still under development.We are using Gradle as the build system.


The list of contributors is as follows:-

Areas of Contribution

One may contribute in any of the following areas

  • Auto-Completion Feature (Yet not started)
  • Plugin for extra fetures (Yet not started. Python Proficiency Required)
  • Writing snippets for VisageFX.
  • Writing snippets for Visage.
  • Testing (Everyone is invited for testing the plugin)


Please raise any issue or concern related to the plugin. A detailed installation as well as usage guide would be out soon.

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