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1.0 - Initial relsese
1.1 - Remaked the Google Laitiude code
- minor changes to the index.php
- removed the shout form in check.php (the damm PHP Class does not work for shouting)
- Private check in works
1.2 - now can add venue
- fix POST error
- show checkin response
- add shout, but not work
- suppot twitter & facebook
1.3 - shout now work
1.4 - add login screen, and logout
- add 4sqr logo
1.5 - fixed Issue 6
- login screen add latidude_code, not need conf/conf.php
- Now latidude_code with minus sign (some latidude_code of user no with minus sign)
2.0 - update to 4sq API V2, using foursquare-async,
- rewrite code
- support upload photo
2.1 - fix Issue 12
- Search Venues: add favorites, trending,and nearby types
- Google Places Searches
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