Cage Deformer Plugins for Maya
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The plugins

There are two versions of deformers; one is simple, and the other adds ARAP modifiation.

How to compile:

  • Mac OS X: Look at the included Xcode project file
  • Windows: Look at the included VisualStudio project file. DO NOT turn on AVX instructions.
  • Other: Look at the included Makefile
  • on some systems, specifying the compiler option -DEIGEN_DONT_VECTORIZE may be necessary to avoid compilation errors (thank giordi91 for this information)

How to use:

  • put the plugins in "MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH"
  • put the UI python script in "MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH"
  • open script editor in Maya and type in the following Python command:
import ui_cageDeformer as ui


The ARAP version works only on "clean" meshes. First apply "Cleanup" from "Mesh" menu to remove zero faces and edges, non-manifold geometry, etc.