Maple script for Weyl group related computation
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Maple script for Weyl group related computation

This script requires the “coxeter and weyl package” and "posets package" by J.Stembridge. Download the "Vanilla" editions from:

rename it to “coxeter.txt” and "posets.txt" and place in the same directory as the script file.

Download "traverse" example as well from below

and rename it to "traverse.txt"


Maple worksheets

  • compute Weyl group representation on the real toric variety see the paper "Geometric representations of finite groups on real toric spaces"
  • compute idempotents in the group ring of a Weyl group see the paper "Suspension splittings and self-maps of flag manifolds"

Maple scripts

  • WeylOps.mpl: module for Weyl group manipulation
  • BGG_graph.mpl: module for drawing GKM-graph