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Image/camera input recognition using pre-trained models

A python demo code for image/camera input recognition using pre-trained models in Chainer by Shizuo KAJI


MIT Licence


  • python 3.6

Install Anaconda if you do not have python 3 on your system.

  • Chainer > 2: pip install chainer

If you'd like to use GPU, cupy with CUDA support is additionally required.

  • OpenCV 3: Use Homebrew on mac, or download the binary from here and pip on Windows to install.


python -h for a brief description of command line arguments

python opens the camera of your PC and outputs recognised objects captured by it. Hit 'p' to pause/resume, 'q' to quit.

python -i sample.txt -n 6 scans the text file sample.txt and outputs 6 guesses for each image specified in the file. Sample images are obtained from Wikipedia.

python -i sample.txt -n 5 -a vgg -g 0 same as above but with the VGG model and GPU.