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Permanent Erlang Worker Pool
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Hot Tub

Hot Tub is a permanent erlang worker pool.


  • Keeps some number of worker processes alive at all times.
  • Add as little latency as possible to using a worker process under all circumstances.

Primarily I have used this for database workers though other uses are clearly possible.


There are 3 pool manager implementations to choose from with different performance characteristics. One that uses a single ets table and a counter, one that uses two ets tables, one that uses a queue and a set held by a single process.

In all cases a single process is used to queue worker requests. In the ETS table implementations the process may be ideally avoided if there are more workers than requestors.

From my experience

  • Queue + Set method is very fast under heavy load.
  • Single ETS table is very fast under light load.
  • Two ETS tables is reasonably fast under light and heavy loads.

There is a benchmark as part of the test suite which can be run against the 3 branches to give you an idea of which one works will under your circumstances.

The master branch is the queue + set pool management method.

Example Usage




-export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2,
    terminate/2, code_change/3]).

start_link() ->
    gen_server:start_link(?MODULE, [], []).

init([]) ->
    {ok, undefined}

handle_call({add, A, B}, _From, State) ->
    {reply, A+B, State}.

handle_cast({print, Message}, State) ->
    io:format("~p~n", [Message]),
    {noreply, State}.

handle_info(_Info, State) ->
    {noreply, State}.

terminate(_Reason, State) ->

code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
    {ok, State}.

erl shell

hottub:start(demo, 5, demo_worker, start_link, []).
hottub:call(demo, {add, 5, 5}).
hottub:cast(demo, {print, "what up from a pool"}).
    fun(Worker) -> 
        io:format("causing a worker to crash~n"),
        gen_server:call(Worker, {hocus_pocus}) end).
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