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This is a BuguRTOS project. The name BuguRTOS comes from Butthurt, Frugurt and RTOS.

BuguRTOS is small portable OS-kernel for microcontrollers. It is capable to work in hard/soft real time systems.

It is free and open source software, but you can use it for proprietary software development.

Main features

  • Small. BuguRTOS can run on small 8bit microcontrollers.
  • Portable. The kernel is designed to be easy portable to new platforms.
  • No memory management in kernel.
  • Smaller process stack size required as kernel runs in separate thread with it's own stack.
  • The kernel is almost fully preemptive. Only small chunks of code can't be preempted by interrupts.
  • Interrupt virtualization. Virtual interrupts are run cooperatively in kernel threads. By default they can be preempted by other virtual interrupts in preemption points.
  • Customizable system call interface. One may comment out unneeded system calls, add custom system calls or rewrite system call table completely.


  • BuguRTOS is licensed under GPLv3 with linking exception, see exception.txt
  • STM8/SDCC tests are licensed under GPLv3 without exceptions as libstm8 is used!

Get it!

  • Old releases are on Gdrive!.
  • Since May 12th 2015 new releases are placed here.

Current status

  • Branches supported:

  • Current versions are:

    • 0.6.6;
    • 3.0.0;
  • Platforms supported:

    • AVR (GNU-toolchain);
    • STM8:
      • IAR,
      • Raisonance,
      • SDCC (since 2.0.0);
    • CortexTM-M4 (GNU-toolchain);
    • CortexTM-M3 (GNU-toolchain);
    • CortexTM-M0 (GNU-toolchain).
  • Notes on STM8/SDCC port:

    • Thank Philipp Klaus Krause for taking part in this port!
    • SDCC generates strange code for long linear functions which allocates MUCH STACK SPACE for temporary vars, be careful!
  • Notes on CortexTM-M0 port:

    • This port should also work on CortexTM-M1 with OS-extension.

Get started

Getting started guide is here.


  • Write libs for 3.0.x branch.
  • Write more ports.
  • Fix bugs.
  • ??????
  • PROFIT!!!


  • March 13th 2017: BuguRTOS updated version 3.0.0 is out, see Changelog for details!
  • August 31th 2016: BuguRTOS updated version 2.0.0 is out, see Changelog for details!
  • April 26th 2016: BuguRTOS updated version 1.0.0 is out, see Changelog, semantic versioning is used now!
  • January 6th 2016: BuguRTOS updated version 0.9.9 is out, see Changelog!
  • July 3rd 2015: BuguRTOS updated versions 0.6.6, 0.7.3, 0.8.4 are out, are out, see Changelog!
  • May 12th 2015: BuguRTOS-0.8.3 is out, see Changelog! Added more argument checks, fixed several issues, ported tests to libopencm3.
  • May 12th 2015: Added third party code to project repository.
  • April 25th 2015: BuguRTOS-0.8.2 is out, see Changelog! Added basic timeout support and fifo scheduling policy support, fixed some bugs.
  • April 25th 2015: BuguRTOS moved to GitHub.
  • March 13th 2015: BuguRTOS updated versions 0.6.5, 0.7.2, 0.8.1 are out, see Changelog! Three bugs fixed, significant changes made in 0.8.x branch.
  • January 24th 2015: BuguRTOS-0.8.0 is out, see Changelog! Actually It's not just a new version, but a New branch. I will focus on it for a while. Working on this new branch I found and fixed some bugs in priority inheritance protocol of 0.7.x branch. Branches 0.6.x and 0.7.x will have only new ports and bug fixes.
  • BuguRTOS-0.7.1 is out, see Changelog, BuguRTOS-0.8.0 is on the way!