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To use the application you need to install sbt. After you install you are ready to run the application.

cd physician-compare
sbt assembly


In order to run analysis for relationship between PAC ID and NPI

java -jar target/scala-2.11/physician_compare-assembly-1.0.jar PAC_ID

In order to run analysis for relationship between CCN and NPI

java -jar target/scala-2.11/physician_compare-assembly-1.0.jar CCN_1


  1. data/column_stats.json

    • column wise metrics on the csv
  2. data/page_rank.json

    • top com.shkr.physiciancompare.Configuration.PAGE_RANK_LIMIT
      values for selected column { here PAC_ID OR CCN 1 } with their page rank and associated properties
  3. data/connected_components.json

    • top com.shkr.physiciancompare.Configuration.PAGE_RANK_LIMIT
      clusters for each connected component by size for selected column { here NPI & CCN 1 OR NPI & PAC ID} with their associated column values


The application downloads the physician compare file available here.

Alternatively, if you have the file already you can copy it to data/ path from the root of the application.

The file name must be National_Downloadable_File.csv.