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Installation Instructions

PseuWoW installation uses CMake. Please create a new directory for the build and create Build Files appropriate for your system using cmake or cmake-gui. If you prefer to use the command line, this is an example of the process, starting in the PseuWoW root directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install

To build stuffextract, as well as the model viewer, define BUILD_TOOLS in cmake by appending -DBUILD_TOOLS=1 to the command line. To build a Debug version of PseuWoW, define DEBUG in cmake by appending -DDEBUG=1 to the command line

After installation edit the config files in bin/conf and rename them to PseuWoW.conf, gui.conf, ScriptConfig.conf and users.conf. If UseMPQ in PseuWoW.conf is set, create a link/copy to your "TheGame" Data folder in bin. Otherwise use stuffextract with the appropriate parameters to extract data from "TheGame" archives and copy it to bin/data

To run PseuWoW please execute


The model viewer is strictly a debugging tool. It is not user friendly. The viewer expects to find MPQ files in ./Data and uses models and textures from MPQ files. The viewer cannot browse MPQ files.