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Delivery Tracker

Delivery and Shipping Tracking Service


Cloud (Managed Service)

Visit :


Setting Up the Development Environment

Delivery Tracker can be set up in local development environments and is also readily available for setup through GitHub Codespaces.

Open in GitHub Codespaces

Follow the instructions below for GitHub Codespaces:

  1. Click the "Open in GitHub Codespaces" button above to create a new Codespace.
  2. Once in your Codespace terminal, enter pnpm install to install the necessary dependencies.
  3. In GitHub Codespaces, navigate to the "Run and Debug" section from the sidebar and then click the "Run" button for "@delivery-tracker/server" to launch the server.
  4. The service URL can be accessed via the Ports panel at the bottom of the GitHub Codespaces interface.

Deploying Self-Hosted Services

See Dockerfile

Additional Information


  • Please read the LICENSE file.


  • Please contact for more information.

Project Structure

  • packages/api : GraphQL API
  • packages/core : Scraper code
  • packages/cli : A Command Line Interface (CLI) tool that uses the execute function from packages/api.
  • packages/http : A self-hosted GraphQL HTTP server that uses the execute function from packages/api.

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