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  • Move this list to github projects

  • DOCUMENTATION - Update / Add documentation where needed

  • Support Angular 8 (when released)

  • API reference document

  • @pebula/ngrid-material

    • Complete cell view templates to all types
    • Add cell edit templates to all types
    • Add pre-built (compiled) css themes, for each pre-built material theme, to the release
  • @pebula/ngrid/detail-row

    • Add "mode" feature (click, double click, cellClick cellDoubleClick, manual)
    • Support detail row with virtual scroll
  • Aggregation feature

    • Support column aggregation / pivot
    • By type aggregator
    • Custom aggregators
  • Virtual Scroll

    • Infinite Scrolling (vis virtual scroll)
    • Horizontal Virtual Scroll
  • Performance

    • Refactor column re-ordering logic. Currently re-builds the whole table, need to update viewport only. This is most noticeable when re-ordering and the scroll is deep (e.g. seeing row 300 of 600)
  • Development

    • Implement yarn workspaces

    • Implement Auto injected versions (package.json) and smart inter-dependencies between the built packages

    • Demo

      • Show in UX when service worker is building DB
      • Add more stories to the storied section
      • Complete the concepts section ( see the TODO at the end of the concepts welcome page)
      • Improve / Add demos for specific features
    • Replace demo builder (code extractor webpack integration)

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