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Buffy - a Few Good Slayers


Buffy: a Few Good Slayers is a new piece of Buffy fanfiction set in a forked version of the Buffy universe, starting from the end of the third season of Buffy, while taking place many years later in 2014/2015 Sunnydale. The idea and concept were created by Shlomi Fish.

What happened from 2000/2001

Faith turned out to have been a good slayer after all, and prevented the mayor from ascending properly in the last minute. She joins forces with Buffy and the Scooby Gang, as an equal co-slayer.

Faith starts dating Xander, and they end up falling in love. Xander grows more confident, and after some training and some encouragement from Buffy and Faith becomes the world's first qualified male slayer, paving the road for other male slayers.

Faith and Xander marry after college, and have children. Buffy is able to cure Angel out of his vampiredom, and he becomes a slayer, marries Buffy and they have children.

Willow cures Oz out of his werewolfness, becomes Dr. Willow Rosenberg, Ph.D., and one of the most powerful witches (or wizards) known on Earth. Oz becomes a superb wizard as well. he and Willow marry and have some children.

Giles becomes the principal of Sunnydale high school where the whole gang is working as teachers, teaching next generations of budding slayers, witches/wizards, watchers, etc. making Sunnydale the Mecca of the slaying world. moves out of Sunnydale, becomes a scholar (Ph.D. + Professor), marries, has children, and mostly stays out of the way of slaying. She remains friends with the gang and comes to visit sometimes.


The show focuses on the following:

The Scooby Gang

At their early-to-mid-to-late-30s, Buffy, Faith, Xander, Willow, etc. have to juggle between various priorities:

  • Their responsibilities as parents.
  • Their responsibilities as spouses.
  • Their responsibilities as teachers.
  • The increasing culture gap between them and their students.
  • Making sure that Sunnydale, and the world at large, remain safe of demonic activity and oblivious to it.
  • Their mid-life crisis and their nostalgia to the 90s when they grew up.

The High School Seniors

The High School Sophomores

Rebecca “Becky” Shepherd

One of the protagonists is a high school freshman wannabe-slayer called Rebecca (or “Becky” for short) who is a Maternal Jewess and being a JAP (= Jewish American Princess) is part of her image.

The tagline surrounding her is "You've got a lot of potential."

Heh, it's kind-of-like an in-your-face ironic jab.

Mel Brooks also did some stuff on it.

She's not really a JAP.

And certainly isn't when the film ends and she saves the day several times.


    * The vampire who duplicates himself.
    ** "I was a mad scientist, but I was angry, they called me the angry
    ** Operation "cat-in-the-sack".
    ** Hebrew equivalent to
    * Buffy, Faith, and Willow discuss getting a dog.
    ** "I'm a cat person".
    ** "Ceiling cat is watching your dog pee"
    ** "My friend got a dog and guys keep hitting on/approaching her".
    *** "A slut?"
    *** More like polyamorous.
    *** Experimenting.
    *** She's only 25.
    ** "her".
    *** "A slut?"
    *** More like polyamorous.
    *** Experimenting.
    *** She's only 25.
    ** Glad we also know many single people and not structure our whole lives
    around our children.

    * Buffy factoids - L<>
    ** Not really true.
    ** Buffy: "I fought against Chuck Norris shortly after high school graduation and lost."
    ** Buffy is looking for an old book about cooking in the library.
    ** Becky finds the recipe using her Net-wisdom.
    ** Buffy: "Wow! You have so much potential! I think you'll make a wonderful slayer."

    * Cliff fought against Chuck Norris recently and won in two out of three rounds.
    ** Chuck Norris told him "You're not a loser if you keep fighting and losing manybattles. You're a bigger loser if you stop."
    ** He also fought against Summer Glau once and won all rounds.
    *** "She's pretty good, but loses many fights."

    * Becky enjoys Cliff calling her "brony girl".

    * Chankey saying he read
    L<> and then knew better than to not seize opportunities because he's an Indian or whatever.
    ** He's a chick magnet at Sunnydale High School and enjoys it.
    ** What is with girls and Indian men?
    ** Becky saying a big and unathletic-looking Jewish divorced woman in Israel
    told her many Jewish married men offered to have an affair with her.
    ** Even some men can see beyond one's unaesthetical look.

    * Sarah Michelle Gellar (from the L<Selinaverse,>) gets summoned as a kindred
    (from the Selinaverse) spirit.
    * - Willow: Buffy?
      - SMG: That's not my name, my.. oh wait! No I'm actually Sarah Michelle Perez,
      but everyone knows me as Sarah Michelle Gellar.
      - Willow and Giles: Who?
      - SMG: oh great! A world where I wasn't born.
        Let's get to business. [Uses her mobile] General, your men can come now.
      [ Lots of sounds of Jeeps, Helicopeters and infantry soldiers crying "Hail, Buffy!" ].

    * Helicopter soldier: "We gave them a fair match."
    * Buffy looking at the match which looks awful: "Who says it's fair?".
    * (Last Action Hero / Hamlet scene reference.)

Etymology of the Characters’ names

Rebecca "Becky" Shepherd

The Rebecca is a reference to several Rebeccas I have known including:

I also wish to call my future daughter (if and when I have one) that.

Shepherd is a reference to who is a wonderful Country singer.

Chankey Rajeesh

Chankey is a tribute to with whom I have been enjoying talking with. Rajeesh is a common Indian family name.

Cliff Farrel

"Cliff" may be a reference to the cat Clifford or to Cliff-notes.

Farrel is a tribute to who played on Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Sarah Anne Eisenman

“Sarah” is a reference to In the Beckyverse, Buffy believes that “Sarah” is the first name of her kindred spirit (who eventually turns out to be Gellar after all, only the one(s) from alternate realities), and it was part of the inspiration for the character name for the show Sarah the Vampire Slayer.

Anne was the middle name of from the original show

Eisenman is a reference to Tamar Eisenman ( Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ) a.k.a the “Eisenwoman” who is an Israeli singer I am partial to. This lastname was in part picked for its natural Ashkenazi Jewish ring, and possibly its similiarty to ’s last name, who is the actress who both plays Sarah Anne Eisenman on the fictional show Sarah the Vampire Slayer, and who, in the Beckyverse, was the Alpha Female of the Web 1.0 era (and somewhat later) instead of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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