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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
no warnings 'redefine';
# TODO : I don't think this use lib is a good idea.
use lib '../lib';
use vars qw($response);
use Test::More 'no_plan';
note( "Testing Devel::Trepan::CmdProcessor::Load" );
use_ok( 'Devel::Trepan::CmdProcessor::Load' );
require Devel::Trepan::CmdProcessor;
my $cmdproc = Devel::Trepan::CmdProcessor->new;
my @cmds = keys(%{$cmdproc->{commands}});
is(1, scalar @cmds > 3, "We should have more than 1 command");
my @aliases = sort %{$cmdproc->{aliases}};
is(1, scalar @aliases > 3, "We should have more than 1 alias");
is(join(', ', $cmdproc->complete("s", 's', 0, 1)),
'set, shell, show, source, step', "Completing 's'");
is(join(', ', $cmdproc->complete("help se", 'help se', 0, 1)),
'set', "Completing 'help se'");
is(join(', ', $cmdproc->complete("help una", 'help una', 0, 1)),
'unalias', 'completing "una"')
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