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All the ideas in this document were already integrated into the main plot
of the screenplay, which is complete. Therefore, there is probably nothing
to see here.
OLD SPEC / Plan for the rest of the screenplay:
* SGlau and Daniel return from their date.
* Andrew escorts SGlau to the inner fence.
- this joke:
* SGlau and convincing people that she got clearance.
* The patrol guard with the vicious dog:
- he memorised Spaceballs, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, and
their Life of Brian and goes over them time and again for entertainment
during guarding.
- SGlau recommends The Princess Bride too.
* SGlau enters the building.
* SGlau notices some walls that are covered with beautiful paintings of
scenery and animals.
- she finds the mathematician who draws them.
- also draws many paintings on canvas
- he says he is haunted by what he knows from work.
- she shows him some of her favourite xkcd cartoons using her tablet.
- the mathemtician ends up crying and asks her what to do.
- She escorts him out of the NSA, brings him to the home of his sister
who lives nearby and is willing to have him stay in her house, and gives
him a cheque for 200,000 USD, in case he'll need the money.
- they hug and SGlau sheds a few tears.
* SGlau returns to the NSA building and calls a conference.
- David vs. Goliath with David being a hacker/action hero:
- Cut
- Handling a gun in each hand.
- Cut
- D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers and the inexperienced yet
rule-breaking boys, who fight against SGlau and still win some rounds.
- Masters of martial arts in the Far East.
- TODO : add more.
* The head of the NSA burges in.
- People refuse to go.
- "No, sir"
- He asks for a brief about who SGlau is.
- She sighs and shows him the wikipedia entry and other online
- "Just wikipedia me - I'm Summer Glau".
- "Wikipedia you? That's so unprofessional."
- "Amateuristic stuff often works best."
- He says that there's no way a Hollywood actress could have gotten
- SGlau tells him that the media will make a very big deal out of it:
- "Summer schools the NSA"
- "NSA : Summer-schooled"
- "The NSA: Terminated"
- He says that his life is over.
- SGlau: "don't you want to know who the architects of me coming here
- Better sit down.
- SGlau: "Sarah. Michelle. Gellar."
- NSA head: "No!!! I knew it. I knew that… that… woman was Satan.
How dare she? Death would be better than this."
- starts sobbing.
* The NSA chief tells the story about SMG :
- several young people arrived for internship during the summer of 1997.
- SMG starred in Buffy, and became an instant role model and object
of affection among youth (and some older people) and also made her first
major and notable film debuts in such films as and
which were cheesy and not-so-scary horror films.
- It became a meme among the interns that “If 'Summerschool at the NSA'
was SMG’s next film, it would have been scary.”
- most interns left citing this.
- It continued to haunt the NSA.
- Meme appears on the Internet:
- The NSA hires a Private Investigator to monitor SMG:
- seems to lead an ordinary life of:
- filming.
- modelling.
- eating.
- training.
- sleeping.
- dating.
- socialising.
- decide that she is not a threat.
- SGlau asks what the NSA did wrong in allowing such a huge breach of
their “security” by her?
- Publish or Perish = Life or Death
- SGlau and the NSA chief leave to take his wife on a date - first time
for many years, with SGlau there.
- "Class dismissed".
- applause.
- End credits.