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-*range-search.txt* Plugin for searching inside ranges
+*add-to-word-search.txt* Plugin to append more words to searches.
Author: Shlomi Fish < >
License: MIT/X11 ( )
-:[range]Rs {pattern} *:Rs*
+Motivation for this plugin:
- Searches the range for the pattern.
+When searching through code one often needs to add more related
+terms to the search. For example, if I found a call to a function inside
+a different one, or when a type is typedef'ed to something else (in C).
+This module aims to allow you to convenietly add search terms to the search
+so you can find all the occurences of all of them.
+To use: put this in ~/.vim/plugin/ , which can be typed by installing the
+Ruby rake package and typing "rake install".
-:[range]RS {pattern} *:RS*
+Then you can type <Leader>** to add a search term to the search (mnemonic -
+* is the namespace and '*' searches forward for a keyword) and <Leader>## to
+add a search term to the search and search backwards (mnemonic -
+## like the vim # command).
- Same as :Rs.
+ Add the pattern matched by "*" to the search and searches forward in the
+ current search pattern.
+ Add the pattern matched by "#" to the search and searches backward in
+ the current search pattern.
+The code for this plugin can be found on GitHub:
+Forks, issue reports, and pull requests would be welcome.
+Some of the stuff I'd like to add to this plugin:
+1. Add commands corresponding to other * and #-like commands:
+2. Add some colon commands to add more keywords to the search.
+-- Shlomi Fish

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