error when nowrapscan is set #1

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When I have nowrapscan, I get this error:

Error detected while processing function Star_add..Add_keyword_search_generic

shlomif commented Mar 17, 2012

@ironcamel : thanks for the report. I believe this is fixed in the latest version. What I resorted to doing was temporarily do "set wrapscan" unconditionally, and then restore it to whatever its previous value was. I couldn't find a way to trap the error (which is treated differently than an exception in Vim) using vimscript programatically, and searching the web for that indicated that it was not possible.

In the future, we may wish to emulate the functionality of "*" and "#" using the more programmatic API, but this may mean getting many things wrong.

Please test (I'm closing this issue, so feel free to reopen if it doesn't work for you).

shlomif closed this Mar 17, 2012

Just tested and it is fixed. Thanks!

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