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Benchmarks and Analysis of Baker's Dozen Deals from PySolFC 1 to 1,000

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Freecell Solver’s Results for Solving Baker’s Dozen Deals.

Here are some instructions on how to get more information:

fcs-bakers-dozen-1-to-1K/BAKERS_DOZEN_RUN.bash runs the solver and generates the following files:

  • 0123456789-sp-r-tf-dump.txt
  • 0123456789-dump.txt
  • 01ABCDE-dump.txt
  • 01ABCDE-sp-r-tf-dump.txt
  • befs-0123456789-dump.txt
  • befs-01ABCDE-dump.txt

There are two copies of these filenames, one for the solver after the prune (in the main directory) and one for beforehand in solver-before-prune-results.


From within bash or a compatible shell run . ANALYZE.bash. Then the function table will print a table of the status of the runs.

One can run for example:

    table | grep -v S | grep -v U | perl -lane 'print $F[0]'

In order to get a list of all intractable deals.

More Information.

For now, more information is available at this link:


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