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Somewhere to play with learn.perl.org ideas

The plan...
Introduction to Perl tutorials already exist. Knowing where to start with specific knowledge spaces after this is then hard.

http://learn.perl.org/ should show the range of problem spaces which Perl can solve. With good examples of solving specific problems (including how to test them).

All examples are to be based on Task::Kensho, this allows users to install a single module (Strawberry Perl Pro for windows already has most of Task::Kensho ready out of the box!) and its dependencies. The means we can can have examples without requiring the user to download more and more modules from CPAN.

Task::Kensho's long term goal is to be the base of ExtendedCore which OS vendors would be encouraged to package, this would include long term support (4-5 years) and deprecation cycle policies etc. 

All code is presented as a standard Perl CPAN Package, helping train learners about best practices. It will also allow everything to be uploaded (and tested) through the CPAN.

- An example for XXX::YY e.g. Spreadsheet::XLS::Read / Spearsheet::XLS::Write
- Specific focus on one or two modules from the Task::Kensho list and how they can be used in a specific problem space (sending emails / dates and timezones / spreadsheets).

Learn::Projects::XXX - PHASE 2
- Larger projects, possibly suggesting look at Example(s)::...
- Test suites, so user knows when they have finished?
- Dot to dot programming?

Distributing by CPAN means it is easy for others to contribute - but this does not mean they will be automatically accepted onto the learn.perl.org site (they must follow specific standards set out in Learn::ContributeGuide.pm)