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Update Getopt-Long to CPAN version 2.44


Changes in version 2.44

* Be gentle to the user community and turn fix 92462 into a warning.
  This may be changed back to error in some future release.
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Chris Williams bingos authored
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Cross added link to announcement
NetWare added link to announcement
Porting Update Getopt-Long to CPAN version 2.44
cygwin avoid a "FILE" name conflict with cygwin's wchar.h
dist tweak version number of Module::CoreList
djgpp Remove some remnants of x2p, which was removed by commit e5a8a0f
ext Fix generation for gcc-5.0
h2pl [RT #36079] Convert ` to '.
haiku Remove "register" declarations
hints added link to announcement
lib added link to announcement
plan9 added link to announcement
pod new delta for 5.21.10
qnx Fix typos (spelling errors) in qnx/*.
regen regen/ Add tables for \b{sb}
symbian Configure: lrintl, lroundl, llrintl, llroundl
t podcheck: accept links to autobox
utils h2ph: correct handling of hex constants for the preamble
vms new delta for 5.21.10
vos Build perl using the dynamic linking capabilities of OpenVOS Release …
.gitignore automatically sort the MANIFEST if necessary
Artistic Expand tabs in Artistic license to spaces
Changes Change the example in the Changes file to be more generic.
Configure Configure: lrintl, lroundl, llrintl, llroundl
Copying Update F<Copying> with the FSF's new address.
EXTERN.h Ditch the custom extern/const model on VMS.
INSTALL added link to announcement
INTERN.h Ditch the custom extern/const model on VMS.
MANIFEST new delta for 5.21.10
META.json added link to announcement
Makefile.SH new delta for 5.21.10
Makefile.micro Split out hash functions into new file and turn into inline static fu…
Policy_sh.SH add shebangs where missing
README.bs2000 Remove the VM/ESA port.
README.ce Document how to build perl for WinCE using EVC4 Converted Asian documentations to utf-8
README.haiku added link to announcement
README.hpux Corrections to spelling and grammatical errors.
README.hurd Change NAME to perlfoo
README.irix Change NAME to perlfoo
README.ko README.ko: remove blank line
README.linux Change NAME to perlfoo
README.macos Change NAME to perlfoo
README.macosx added link to announcement
README.micro Make the request to fix rather than report bugs in microperl politer.
README.netware fix various Pod line length warnings
README.os2 added link to announcement
README.os390 Remove some remnants of x2p, which was removed by commit e5a8a0f
README.os400 Change NAME to perlfoo
README.qnx README.qnx: Make verbatim line fit in 79 columns
README.riscos Change NAME to perlfoo
README.synology Add Synology instructions
README.tru64 Tru64: Document "read_cur_obj_info: bad file magic number" error.
README.vms added link to announcement
README.win32 Win32 Intel C is always C99 now Get closure.t working under minitest
asan_ignore asan_ignore: exclude S_expect_number() Remove duplicate apidoc entries
av.h Make PADNAMELIST a separate type
caretx.c spell "SSize_t" correctly
cflags.SH Prefer -std=c89 over -ansi.
charclass_invlists.h regen/ Add tables for \b{sb}
config_h.SH Small doc change
configpm Grab the warnflags and stdflags from cflags [perl #122694]. does handle usedevel.
configure.gnu Remove "dead" RCS $Id$ tags from files that we own.
cop.h [perl #103260] Fix s/// with long strings
cv.h cv.h: Add CVf_ANONCONST flag
deb.c Unused dVARs found by g++ -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE.
doio.c avoid C labels in column 0
doop.c [perl #123759] always count on OPpTRANS_IDENTICAL
dosish.h Remove HAS_64K_LIMIT
dump.c rename unop_aux_stringify to multideref_stringify
embed.fnc pp_pack.c: Silence compiler warning
embed.h pp_pack.c: Silence compiler warning
embedvar.h Add \b{sb}
fakesdio.h update the editor hints for spaces, not tabs
feature.h Add bitwise feature feature
form.h better document format code
generate_uudmap.c generate_uudmap.c: Clarify comment
globals.c update the editor hints for spaces, not tabs
globvar.sym globvar.sym: include PL_ prefix in names
gv.c [PATCH] fix PL_nan_u from leaking in every translation object on Win3…
gv.h Revert "refactor gv_add_by_type"
handy.h handy.h: EXTERN_C-ize PL_charclass
hv.c Corrections to spelling and grammatical errors.
hv.h fix documentation of HeUTF8 return value
hv_func.h Revert "dont compile unused static hash functions"
inline_invlist.c Move inline fcn to #included file make link->copy fallback work again [#123141]
installhtml Fixed verbatim lines in POD over 79 characters
installman Remove some remnants of x2p, which was removed by commit e5a8a0f
installperl [perl #123436] installperl patch related to $Config{dlext}
iperlsys.h Externalize decc$ungetc prototype.
keywords.c Remove or downgrade unnecessary dVAR.
keywords.h Remove or downgrade unnecessary dVAR.
l1_char_class_tab.h regcomp.c: Make macro a lookup
locale.c locale.c: savepv() of getenv() special-case Pod::Checker ABSTRACT reduce stderr noise in build Don't bother prettifying win32/perldll.def
makedepend.SH makedepend.SH: Split too long lines; properly join
malloc_ctl.h Fix calling conventions in malloc_ctl.h
mathoms.c Remove out-dated comment from mathoms.c
metaconfig.SH Remove some remnants of x2p, which was removed by commit e5a8a0f
metaconfig.h Configure syncup
mg.c Remove get-magic from $/
mg_names.c Remove proto magic type
mg_vtable.h Remove proto magic type
miniperlmain.c Tru64: introduce PERL_SYS_FPU_INIT, use it.
mkppport.lst Move Cwd and List-Util to folders named as per their CPAN distributions
mro.c mro.c: Don’t inline sv_sethek
myconfig.SH Configure: add doublekind for the format of double.
mydtrace.h fix dtrace (as emulated with systemtap) builds on linux
nostdio.h Fix ebcdic error of nostdio.h
numeric.c add missing infnan context under thread/quadmath builds
op.c [perl #123816] fix stat stacking
op.h Reserve a bit for 'the re strict subpragma.
op_reg_common.h Reserve a bit for 'the re strict subpragma.
opcode.h [perl #123753] Fix assertion failure with map+map
overload.c Add overload types for string-specifc bitops
overload.h Add overload types for string-specifc bitops
packsizetables.c Use IVSIZE not HAS_QUAD to enable 'q' and 'Q' formats in pack.
pad.c Confused cloning of nested state subs
pad.h Revert ‘Used pad name lists for pad ids’
parser.h [perl #77452] Deparse { ...; BEGIN{} } correctly
patchlevel.h added link to announcement
perl.c Add \b{sb}
perl.h Add qr/\b{gcb}/
perlapi.c Simplify embedvar.h, removing a level of macro indirection for PL_* v…
perlapi.h Static initialization using 1/0 or 0/0 not C89.
perldtrace.d "loading-file" and "loaded-file" DTrace probes
perlio.h Remove some remnants of x2p, which was removed by commit e5a8a0f
perlio.sym Purge remaining references to PerlIO_sprintf and PerlIO_vsprintf().
perliol.h Revert "Fix PerlIO vtables on VMS."
perlsdio.h Externalize decc$ungetc prototype.
perlvars.h Static initialization using 1/0 or 0/0 not C89.
perly.act perly.y: Remove type from ';'
perly.c perly.c: Emit nl after ‘Reading a token’
perly.h perly.y: Remove type from ';' perly.y: Remove type from ';'
perly.y perly.y: Remove type from ';'
pp.c 5th arg to indicate numeric bitwise overloading
pp_ctl.c [perl #123836] dump LABEL shouldn't be goto LABEL
pp_hot.c pp_hot.c: Note that amagic_call calls pp_pushmark
pp_pack.c pp_pack.c: Silence compiler warning
pp_proto.h Add string- and number-specific bitop types
pp_sort.c Corrections to spelling and grammatical errors.
reentr.c Unused contexts found under PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT.
reentr.h [perl #115928] we don't use drand48_r or random_r any longer
regcomp.sym Add qr/\b{gcb}/ Refactor t/porting/regen.t to check everything (and the return values!). Remove MAD.
regexec.c Add \b{sb}
regexp.h Reserve a bit for 'the re strict subpragma.
regnodes.h Add qr/\b{gcb}/
runtests.SH avoid 'jobserver unavailable:' warnings
scope.c Revert "refactor gv_add_by_type"
sv.c Add \b{sb}
taint.c Unused dVARs found by g++ -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE.
time64.c Use the Perl_ math in time64.c, too.
time64.h time64.h: On QNX, use const for tm_zone
time64_config.h Make time64 use NV for time_t, I32 for year, not Quad_t.
toke.c [perl #123712] Don’t check sub_inwhat
uconfig.h regen uconfig Configure: lrintl, lroundl, llrintl, llroundl Configure: lrintl, lroundl, llrintl, llroundl
universal.c Add documentation for /n (non-capture) regexp flag.
unixish.h update the editor hints for spaces, not tabs
utf8.c Add qr/\b{gcb}/
utf8.h fix assertions for UTF8_TWO_BYTE_HI/LO
utfebcdic.h utfebcdic.h: Add comments
util.c [perl #123554] fix threaded builds and prevent a warning
util.h add filename handling to xs handshake
utils.lst Update Encode to CPAN version 2.70
vutil.c PATCH: [perl #121930] Bleadperl breaks MDOOTSON/Wx
vutil.h Lots of C optimizations for both speed/correctness vutil.c, Avoid warnings from -Wmissing-prototypes -Wundef -W…
warnings.h Add experimental::bitwise warnings category speed up building with less disk IO pod moves+__END__+misc


Perl is Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000,
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,
2013, 2014, 2015 by Larry Wall and others.  All rights reserved.


Perl is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for
text manipulation and now used for a wide range of tasks including
system administration, web development, network programming, GUI
development, and more.

The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient,
complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal).  Its major
features are that it's easy to use, supports both procedural and
object-oriented (OO) programming, has powerful built-in support for text
processing, and has one of the world's most impressive collections of
third-party modules.

For an introduction to the language's features, see pod/perlintro.pod.

For a discussion of the important changes in this release, see

There are also many Perl books available, covering a wide variety of topics,
from various publishers.  See pod/perlbook.pod for more information.


If you're using a relatively modern operating system and want to
install this version of Perl locally, run the following commands:

  ./Configure -des -Dprefix=$HOME/localperl
  make test
  make install

This will configure and compile perl for your platform, run the regression
tests, and install perl in a subdirectory "localperl" of your home directory.

If you run into any trouble whatsoever or you need to install a customized
version of Perl, you should read the detailed instructions in the "INSTALL"
file that came with this distribution.  Additionally, there are a number of
"README" files with hints and tips about building and using Perl on a wide
variety of platforms, some more common than others.

Once you have Perl installed, a wealth of documentation is available to you
through the 'perldoc' tool.  To get started, run this command:

  perldoc perl


Perl is a large and complex system that's used for everything from
knitting to rocket science.  If you run into trouble, it's quite
likely that someone else has already solved the problem you're
facing. Once you've exhausted the documentation, please report bugs to us
using the 'perlbug' tool. For more information about perlbug, either type
'perldoc perlbug' or just 'perlbug' on a line by itself.

While it was current when we made it available, Perl is constantly evolving
and there may be a more recent version that fixes bugs you've run into or
adds new features that you might find useful.

You can always find the latest version of perl on a CPAN (Comprehensive Perl
Archive Network) site near you at

If you want to submit a simple patch to the perl source, see the "SUPER
QUICK PATCH GUIDE" in pod/perlhack.pod.

Just a personal note:  I want you to know that I create nice things like this
because it pleases the Author of my story.  If this bothers you, then your
notion of Authorship needs some revision.  But you can use perl anyway. :-)

							The author.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of either:

	a) the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
	Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option) any
	later version, or

	b) the "Artistic License" which comes with this Kit.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the Artistic License with this
Kit, in the file named "Artistic".  If not, I'll be glad to provide one.

You should also have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program in the file named "Copying". If not, write to the
Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA or visit their web page on the internet at

For those of you that choose to use the GNU General Public License,
my interpretation of the GNU General Public License is that no Perl
script falls under the terms of the GPL unless you explicitly put
said script under the terms of the GPL yourself.  Furthermore, any
object code linked with perl does not automatically fall under the
terms of the GPL, provided such object code only adds definitions
of subroutines and variables, and does not otherwise impair the
resulting interpreter from executing any standard Perl script.  I
consider linking in C subroutines in this manner to be the moral
equivalent of defining subroutines in the Perl language itself.  You
may sell such an object file as proprietary provided that you provide
or offer to provide the Perl source, as specified by the GNU General
Public License.  (This is merely an alternate way of specifying input
to the program.)  You may also sell a binary produced by the dumping of
a running Perl script that belongs to you, provided that you provide or
offer to provide the Perl source as specified by the GPL.  (The
fact that a Perl interpreter and your code are in the same binary file
is, in this case, a form of mere aggregation.)  This is my interpretation
of the GPL.  If you still have concerns or difficulties understanding
my intent, feel free to contact me.  Of course, the Artistic License
spells all this out for your protection, so you may prefer to use that.

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