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@@ -460,7 +460,7 @@ Then change to your perl checkout, and if necessary,
$ make perl
If this not the first update for this version, first edit
-F<ext/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/> to delete the existing
+F<dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/> to delete the existing
entries for this version from the C<%released> and C<%version> hashes:
they will have a key like C<5.010001> for 5.10.1.
@@ -478,11 +478,11 @@ Otherwise, run:
This will chug for a while, possibly reporting various warnings about
badly-indexed CPABN modules unreltaed to the modules actually in core.
Assuming all goes well, it will update
Check that file over carefully:
- $ git diff ext/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/
+ $ git diff dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/
If necessary, bump C<$VERSION> (there's no need to do this for
every RC; in RC1, bump the version to a new clean number that will
@@ -521,6 +521,8 @@ Check that the manifest is sorted and correct:
$ perl Porting/manicheck
$ git status
+ XXX manifest _sorting_ is now checked with make test_porting
Commit MANIFEST if it has changed:
$ git commit -m 'Update MANIFEST' MANIFEST

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