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shlusiak send_rdisc: don't return -1 with stale errno
returning -1 without setting errno results in printing of misleading error messages.
Since ifindex should never be 0 anyway simply try sending the rdisc message and let
that fail correctly, which sets errno.
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This is a helper to set up an ISATAP Client tunnel in Linux. 
You need at least linux-2.6.25 for in-kernel ISATAP support.

Source available at:

Compile using:
# ./configure
# make
# make install

Simple usage example:
# isatapd --daemon --pid /var/run/isatapd.pid

Or more complex:
# isatapd --verbose --name isatap0 --mtu 1280 --interval 300 isatap-router.localdomain.tld

See isatapd(8) for details.

Sascha Hlusiak <mail@saschahlusiak.de>