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.vimrc add fcitx support
.xinitrc Wed 7 Jan 21:41:47 MST 2015
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Current Utilities


i'm using mate as a backend to handle all that dconf garbage etc. apart from a few daemons, everything is launched from mate-session


i was using awesome for a while, but dealing with all that lua got annoying. herbstluftwm has the really interesting concept of allowing manual tiling of frames and then providing automatic layouts for inside those frames. in theory, it's the best of both worlds, but it gets kind of confusing, so i've just set the layout to always be max. this way frames basically just have multiple tabs for me that can by cycled through. it's really neat for saving screen space! (try splitting a screen with both an editor and a terminal on one side and all your documentation on the other)


yay for mouseless copy-pasta! if you've never seend it, check out urxvt-perls.


yay for everything about ranger!


were it not for being completely cut off from any file management, sxiv would be the best thing to ever happen to images. i've been looking into adding a feature of some sort for it to communicate selections to the outside world.


if you've never heard of it, try pentadactyl NOW. suddenly a browser is no longer a thing that necessarily breaks your workflow when you have to refer to it for information. oh, and try setting your hint keys.


useful things all around. i'm still trying to figure out alternative mouse buttons with bar.

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