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.config/init/ contains vars, a file defining shared variables for the desktop which are sourced and used elsewhere, and a series of "gen-*.sh" files, which create configuration files in /tmp/ so programs not configurable via shell scripting will automatically match the current settings as well. i stick symlinks to the /tmp/ version where they would normally be.

Current Utilities


i'm using mate as a backend to handle dconf garbage / themes / etc.


herbstluftwm has the really interesting concept of allowing manual tiling of frames and then providing automatic layouts for inside those frames. in theory, it's the best of both worlds, but it gets kind of confusing, so i've just set the layout to always be max. this way frames basically just have multiple tabs for me that can by cycled through. it's really neat for saving screen space! (try splitting a screen with both an editor and a terminal on one side and all your documentation on the other). i3 can do much the same thing, but it comes with lots of slightly annoying things to get rid of.


check out urxvt-perls.


both are fantastic for keyboard-driven file management, but still've got to figure out how to write a ranger extension that can receive selections from sxiv, because squinting at filenames is just bleh.


keyboard-driven browsing ^_^. try setting your hint keys.


useful things all around. i forked dunst to make SIGUSR1 clear all notifications, which is used by and probably any other similar things i add in the future. not sure what the default behaviour (pause / unpause notification display) was supposed to be used for ┐(¯-¯)┌.

oh, also, using xft-compatible patches now.


makes things look all purty n stuff. getting used to vector fonts, and they can be pretty clean and readable with the right settings / colours, even with non-ridiculous DPI screens. this font's nice.