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Social Graphing for the Discogs Database
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Discograph - Social Graphing for the Discogs Database


Disco/graph is an interactive visualization of the relationships between musicians, bands and labels. 🎶

All of Disco/graph's data is derived from the Discogs discography database: nearly 4 million artists, 1 million labels, and 7 million releases creating a network of nearly 70 million different relationships.


Type an artist name into the search box and go!

What do all of these symbols mean?

  • Small circles represent artists.
  • Large circles represent bands.
  • Solid lines show band membership.
  • Dotted lines show pseudonyms.

The graph only shows 100 entities at a time, so double-click on any circle containing a plus-sign to reveal more connections.

As mentioned, the data used is straight from Discogs, so if there are any omissions or errors, please add or correct the artist on their website.

The "Morris Day" Network

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