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Contribution Guidelines

When making a pull request, please follow these guidelines:

  • One commit per suggestion is preferred
  • Commit message should follow this format: Add some tool name (For example, Add cuckoo-sandbox) Why?
  • Multiple commits per pull request is OK
  • Lists within each section are alphabetized, please keep them that way
  • Add sections if necessary, use existing sections if possible
  • Clear, concise descriptions for each link, starting with a capital, ending with a period
  • Use the following format: [Item Name](homepage link) - Description.
  • No duplication of tools, put them where they make the most sense
  • Wrap lines at ~80 chars, no trailing whitespace or unnecessary newlines
  • Prefer quality over quantity, only submit awesome stuff
  • By submitting a pull request, you agree to release your submission under the LICENSE
  • Indent wrapped lines even with the start of the line before
- That means lines wrap like
- Not
like this

The rules above take precedence, but in case I missed something, check the awesome guidelines too.

Properly formatted pull requests will almost always be approved faster than issues or poorly formatted pull requests, because they mean less work for me!