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git clone
apt-get install python-pip openssl openvpn
yum install python-pip openssl openvpn

pip install pyyaml

And run


in command line and follow the instructions.

Run returns openvpn server config (server.conf) and installing CA server with web interface. OpenVPN server will be launch during install

sudo service openvpn start

Installation script creates start and stop shell scripts for CA Web Interface, and config file config in work directory. You can run backend with ./start and stop it by ./stop. Web interface available at


How to

Web interface helps to generate new user's and server's certificates. It required to user authentication in OpenVPN. Also you can use server certificate for self- signed SSL HTTPS Server. After generate new certificate you can download tarball with user's private key, signed certificate, openvpn client config file, CA certificate and TLS key. Check path to files in .conf file and run openpvn with this config file. Run


Congratulation, if sent pong. See openvpn log for details. Internet gate can be configure automaticaly during install, but you can do it by hand. Uncomment string


in /etc/sysctl.conf and run

sudo sysctl -p

than use iptables for configure nat

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

After reboot iptables config will be reset.