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Server Monitor (WIP)

A first pass at a hardware monitoring solution for my Windows NAS. When I moved away from Debian I was lacking a monitoring solution that would poll and store hardware information into a database (that could later be retrieved and displayed on a website). Currently, only the storage side of things are working - have yet to find time to create the front end. The project as a whole should not be deployed as many things are missing (e.g. I did not set up DB accounts while I was putting everything together).

The whole project was mostly done as a fun weekend project designed to help me learn all the various web technologies involved. I'm not a fan of javascript, but alas it was a good learning experience anyway.

It uses node.JS to handle the server side of things, polls information using Python, stores the data into mongoDB. I was playing around with angular-js on the front end, but the website itself is nowhere close to being complete. This is very much a work in progress.


The following must be installed for this to work:

  • Python 2.7
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB

Node dependencies (can be installed using the package.json file):

  • expressJS
  • mongodb
  • python-shell

Just run server.js using node and all should be good (some config items may need to change, like the database name).


Poll, store, and monitor system information



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