Simple & lightweight UDP/IP networking stack for embedded processors, microcontrollers and education. I cant say it works because I dont have any hardware to test with! It passes unit tests but has not been tested on real hardware. ICMP & TCP could be added later if required. Due to the availability of low cost high power hardware & other stacks…
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UPDATE:  Due to the availability of low cost high power hardware these
days (eg RPi), which was not available to hobyists when this project started,
there's now a very limited need for this sort of networking stack;
so development has stopped.  It is still useful for educational purposes
so will be kept online.

Simple IP (sIP) is an UDP/IP stack designed for embedded
devices, allowing small microcontrollers (8-bit) to communicate 
via Ethernet.

The stack has been kept as simple as possible to ensure
that it meets the strict size constraints of the target 
hardware (including 8-bit micros) and also allows students
to study an entire stack without any additional

The stack is fairly lightweight and some features of RFCs 
may intentionally not be fully implemented to keep things
simple (but still working!).

The stack is ideally suited to projects where resources 
are scarce, and bandwidth is low.  Common examples include
remote control (eg home automation), data logging (eg 
weather stations) and servers (eg small web and time servers).

The stack is not complete and is available online purely
for reference.  I do not have any hardware for testing,
which is holding up development.

With the arrival of devices such as the Raspberry Pi it's
easier than ever to create small network-aware projects,
so this stack may never get finished...

Modifications are welcome, and code critique/review even
more so.

Notes about design decisions can be found in docs/NOTES.txt