A simple To Do List implemented in Swift
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To Do List in Swift

A To Do List application written in Swift for iOS.

It uses Realm as its database for persisting data.

Building and Running the app

To get started, first clone the app, open the $ cd in to the folder and run $ pod install. Make sure you have CocoaPods installed before running $ pod install.

Locate the folder in Finder and open the To Do List.xcworkspace in XCode. If $ pod install succeeded, and you opened the correct project, everything should work and you will be greeted with an empty screen with no tasks in the app.

Press the Plus (+) button on top left to add a task. Write the task name and press Save.

You'll get back to screen with the Task.

Tap the left side of task to change its state to completed.

TO DO (pun intended)

  1. Change the Switch appearance to use the assets.
  2. [DONE] Add text validation for name to have at least one character.


MIT License.