Architecture built using Java + Spring with React
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Architecture for Java backend with React in client-side.


  • Webpack to bundle all the JavaScript and dependencies, plus LESS + CSS handling.
  • Babel for ES6 syntax, using Babel 6 with the "es2016" and "react" presets.
  • Hot module reloading (HMR) of React components
  • Redux to manage state, both in the client and when rendering on the server.
  • react-router for page routing, on client and server. Note that this is version 4, with a very different (and simpler) API to previous versions.
  • Linting integrated with Webpack via eslint.
  • Type checking with Flow.


You'll need Java8 installed either way at a minimum version of 1.8.0_65. Older versions have a bug that makes rendering brutally slow.

# if maven installed

# or, from scratch

# init webpack module
npm start



Controllers that render views are suffixed with Controller. REST endpoints are suffixed with Resource, and handle requests under /api.

Testing the webpack bundle

In order to pre-empty runtime errors with Nashorn loading the bundle, a test script is executed by Maven during the test-compile phase, located at src/test/js/test_bundle.js. If this script fails, you can diagnose the problem by:

  • Running a debug build with npm run debug. This runs webpack in a production mode but without uglification.
  • Run the script again: jjs src/test/js/test_bundle.js
  • Look at the line in the bundle from the stacktrace and figure out the problem.

It's easy to create a bundle that's broken on the server by including code that expects a DOM - and that includes the Webpack style loader. This is the root of most problems. You should note that server-side rendering does not require a DOM - which is why src/main/resources/static/js/polyfill.js doesn't provide any window or document stubs.