Like man pages, but for HTTP status codes
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statcode is like man but for HTTP status codes. Most web developers spend considerable time looking at response codes (usually errors) and then Googling what they mean. But with statcode, you can simply run $ statcode [status_code] and get a quick explanation of your HTTP response without leaving the terminal.



statcode works on MacOS, Linux, and Windows, with compiled binaries available for every release. You can also install it with pip:

$ pip install statcode

Requires Python 3.0 or higher.


This is a small project (something I put together on a plane ride), but I intend to turn this into a go-to manual for everything related to HTTP. For example, it should soon be possible to look up different request headers, i.e. running $ statcode cache-control and getting "Specifies directives for caching mechanisms in both requests and responses." If you'd like to be a part of that, feel free to make a contribution – just fork the repo, make your changes and then submit a pull request. If you do contribute, please try to adhere to the existing style.

If you've discovered a bug or have a feature request, create an issue and I'll take care of it!