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SLR is a renderer based on Monte Carlo ray tracing.

SLR consists of the following components.

  • libSLR - レンダリングコア / rendering core
  • libSLRSceneGraph - シーン管理・読み込み機能 / scene managing & loading
  • HostProgram

特徴 / Features

  • Full Spectral Rendering (Monte Carlo Spectral Sampling)
    (For RGB resources, RGB->Spectrum conversion is performed using Meng-Simon's method [Meng2015].)
  • RGB Rendering
  • BSDFs
    • Ideal Diffuse (Lambert) BRDF
    • Ideal Specular BRDF/BSDF
    • Oren-Nayer BRDF [Oren1994]
    • Improved Ward-Dür BRDF [Moroder2010]
    • Ashikhmin-Shirley BRDF [Ashikhmin2000]
    • GGX Microfacet BRDF/BSDF [Walter2007] with visible normal sampling [Heitz2017]
    • Disney principled BRDF/BSDF (TODO) [Burley2012, Burley2015]
    • Mixed BSDF
    • Layered BSDF (TODO)
  • Volume Rendering [Pauly1999, Raab2008, Novák2014]
    • Participating Media
      • Homogeneous Media
      • Heterogeneous Media
        • Trilinear-interpolated Grid
        • Procedurally-generated Clouds (TODO)
        • Free Path Sampling is accelerated by Super-voxels [Szirmay-Kalos2011]
      • Media enclosed by surfaces
    • Phase Functions
      • Isotropic
      • Henyey-Greenstein
      • Schlick
  • Texture Types
    • Constant
    • Image
    • Procedural
      • Checkerboard (color & normal & float)
      • Cell Noise [Worley1996] like Voronoi diagram (color & normal & float)
      • Improved Perlin Noise [Perlin2002] (float & normal)
  • Bump Mapping (Normal Map)
  • Light Source Types
    • Area (Polygonal) Light
    • Infinitely Distant Image Based Environmental Light
    • Infinitely Distant Directional Light (TODO)
    • Analytic Sky Dome & Sun [Hosek2012]
  • Light Distributions
    • Diffuse
    • Ideal Directional
  • Camera Types
    • Perspective Camera with Depth of Field (thin-lens model)
    • Environment (Equirectangular) Camera
  • Motion Blur
    • Camera Motion Blur
    • Object Motion Blur
    • Deformation Blur (TODO)
  • Geometry Instancing
  • Acceleration Structure Types
    • Standard BVH (median, mid-point, binned SAH)
    • Split BVH [Stich2009]
    • QBVH [Dammertz2008] constructed by collapsing SBVH
  • Light Transport Algorithms
    • Path Tracing [Kajiya1986] with MIS (+ volumetric variant)
    • Bidirectional Path Tracing [Veach1994, 1997] (+ volumetric variant)
    • Adaptive MCMC Progressive Photon Mapping [Hachisuka2011]
      (has been dropped from current SLR implementation.)
  • Correct handling of non-symmetric scattering due to shading normals [Veach1996, 1997]
  • SLR Custom Language (C/Python-like syntax) for flexible scene description

動作環境 / Confirmed Environment

I've confirmed that the program runs correctly on the following environment.

  • OS X 10.12.5 & Xcode 8.3.2 (Apple LLVM-Clang 8.1.0)
  • Windows 8.1 & Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 (MSVC 14.0, character-encoding conversion required)
  • MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013

It requires the following libraries.

  • OpenEXR 2.2
  • libpng 1.6
  • assimp 3.2

注意 / Note


There are some scene files loading model data and textures, but those assets are NOT included in this repository.

参考文献 / References

[Ashikhmin2000] "An Anisotropic Phong BRDF Model"
[Bridson2007] "Curl-Noise for Procedural Fluid Flow"
[Burley2012] "Physically-Based Shading at Disney"
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