GPU Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Renderer using NVIDIA OptiX
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IBL image: sIBL Archive

VLRはNVIDIA OptiXを使用したGPUモンテカルロレイトレーシングレンダラーです。
VLR is a GPU Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer using NVIDIA OptiX.

特徴 / Features

  • GPU Renderer using NVIDIA OptiX
  • BSDFs
    • Ideal Diffuse (Lambert) BRDF
    • Ideal Specular BRDF/BSDF
    • Microfacet (GGX) BRDF/BSDF
    • Fresnel-blended Lambertian BSDF
    • UE4- or Frostbite-like BRDF [Karis2013, Lagarde2014]
    • Mixed BSDF
  • Bump Mapping (Normal Map)
  • Light Source Types
    • Area (Polygonal) Light
    • Infinitely Distant Image Based Environmental Light
  • Camera Types
    • Perspective Camera with Depth of Field (thin-lens model)
    • Environment (Equirectangular) Camera
  • Geometry Instancing
  • Light Transport Algorithms
    • Path Tracing [Kajiya1986] with MIS
  • Correct handling of non-symmetric scattering due to shading normals [Veach1996, 1997]

動作環境 / Confirmed Environment

I've confirmed that the program runs correctly on the following environment.

  • Windows 10 & Visual Studio 2017 (15.8.5)
  • MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 (GT 750M 2GB)

It requires the following libraries.

  • CUDA 10.0
  • OptiX 5.1
  • OpenEXR 2.2
  • assimp 4.1

注意 / Note


There are some scene files loading model data and textures, but those assets are NOT included in this repository.

参考文献 / References

[Karis2013] "Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4"
[Lagarde2014] "Moving Frostbite to Physically Based Rendering 3.0"
[Veach1996] "Non-symmetric Scattering in Light Transport Algorithms"

2018 @Shocker_0x15