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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<todo version="0.1.20">
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1372887631" done="1372903222">
Keep data of files (except for images and other such types) cached and for changes to the public folder
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1372975302" done="1372991110">
[CACHE] fix files not being removed when they are deleted
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1373056889" done="1373239594">
Make cache updates optional
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1373152892" done="1373238610">
Add ability to not cache certain file types (PNGs etc) and files over a certain size
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1374631763" done="1374687107">
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1375297383" done="1375478399">
Make default content type configurable
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1375298641" done="1375544744">
Modify cache ignores to accept a number for the max size to cache
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1375751425" done="1375765994">
Implement Last-Modified headers
<note priority="high" time="1372886954" done="1372904273">
Move readFile stuff into function and have 404 route back to 404.html
<note priority="veryhigh" time="1376166929">
Fire events where appropriate using `mods`
<note priority="high" time="1373248065">
Implement directories safely, and properly with cache and etc